In a world where we have every show at our fingertips, we often overlook a few. Some shows we constantly hear about, but don't ever get around to watching. And some shows we just never have heard about. Here is a list of 10 shows you need to have watched. Some of these are hidden gems while a few of them are shows everyone has heard about.

The most popular

1. "Stranger things"

This may be the biggest no-brainer on the list. This nostalgic show is the perfect mix of horror and thriller while also providing laughs along the way. This show is perfect for anyone who wants to see a brilliant twist on 1980s sci-fi.

2. "Black Mirror"

This show will leave you thinking far after it ends. "Black Mirror" does a great job of giving us a glimpse into a very plausible future. Most episodes use our obsessions with technology to show how it may negatively change our world.

3. "Peaky Blinders"

This is probably the best story I have seen in a show. The show does a great job at creating tense moments to push this historical masterpiece forward.

4. "Planet Earth Two"

This show is a documentary about...well...our planet. The creators have gotten some of the most breathtaking and amazing shots of a few of the worlds furthest corners. If you have not seen this documentary, go now and do so!

5. "Mindhunter"

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to get inside the mind of a serial killer?

This show attempts to do just that. This is an incredible story fueled by great acting.

The unsung heroes

6. "Borderline"

This may be an unknown show on the list. "Borderline" is like "the office" as it is a mockumentary. It follows employees at a European border check. If you liked the mockumentary shows like "The Office" or "Parks and Rec" then this show is one you cannot miss.

7. "Scam City"

This show was filmed a few years ago but it is one of the most interesting shows on the list. It follows Connor Woodman as he travels to the world's largest cities looking for scams. He uncovers scams like fake perfume, taxi scams, and the famous three-card monte.

8. "The Toys That Made Us"

This is only a few episodes but it gives you a peek into how our favorite toys were actually created.

Star Wars, Barbie, G.I. Joe, and He-Man are all toys that we have grown up loving and with this mini-series, you can see how they grew to be national treasures.

9. "The Stand-Ups"

Netflix put together this series to showcase some comedians. The comedians they showcase are all highly unique, while all delivering laughs. The Nate Bargatze episode may be one of the best 30-minute sets you will ever see.

10. "Last Man On Earth"

This show is not on Netflix but it is on Hulu and is far too good to not be on the list. Will Forte has created a show that is laugh-out-loud funny while also providing a story that makes you always watch more than one episode.