Alison Brie has largely stayed silent on the allegations facing james franco, someone who she has a literal family relationship with. When she attended the SAG Awards on Sunday evening, however, she no longer had the opportunity to stay silent. During the red carpet version of the event, E! asked her about the still-developing scandal. The former "Community" and current "GLOW" star managed to answer the question tactfully, without implicating her brother-in-law.

Brie addresses the problem

The actress had to play both sides of the coin when discussing the allegations against Franco.

On one hand, Brie stated that reports surrounding the allegations haven't been fully accurate and that she'd like more information before she forms an opinion. On the other hand, she came out in full support of the movements' swirling around Hollywood and being buzzed about at the SAG Awards, stating that the victimized need to continue coming forward, as they have been for weeks and months.

While Brie was answering questions about Franco, the controversial actor was actually in attendance at the SAG Awards after skipping another award show earlier in the season.

He was there with his girlfriend after skipping the Critics' Choice Awards. It doesn't appear anybody had an opportunity to ask him questions, although he was reportedly depressed in the wake of the allegations against him.

The allegations against Franco

Since Franco wore a "Time's Up" pin at the Golden Globe Awards, there have been several allegations levied against him.

As of now, there are five outstanding allegations against him. He went on several late night talk shows and did his best to avoid accepting blame while supporting the movement in some very uncomfortable exchanges. The SAG Awards are his first public appearance since those conversations.

Franco is at the SAG Awards because he's nominated for a best actor nod for his performance in "The Disaster Artist." Brie is there because she's nominated for her role in the Netflix series "GLOW." She married Dave Franco - James' brother - just under a year ago, in March 2017.

All eyes will be on what Franco says if he wins the award on Sunday night. Otherwise, the only public comment people may get at the SAG Awards will come from his sister-in-law, Brie. For many, that won't be enough to stem the tide of people who want him to fully address the allegations swirling around him.