"Black Mirror" might finally get its first sequel for the fan-favorite episode "San Junipero." Creator Charlie Brooker teased the potential plot details just as a new season marks its return on Netflix.

Charlie Brooker told The Hollywood Reporter (THR) that he wrote a scene anchored on "San Junipero." It centered on Kelly Booth (Gugu Mbatha-Raw) as a kindergartener.

But the story that Charlie Brooker hand in mind goes deeper as it's really about dead children. The writer and show creator said that this idea might not fit into the upcoming season.

"I think we almost might do it in a completely different form if we were doing a straight sequel if that makes sense," Brooker said.

The popularity of ‘San Junipero’

"San Junipero" is part of "Black Mirror" season 3, which Netflix released on the streaming platform in October 2016. The episode earned both critics and viewers rave, as well as two Emmy nominations this year for Outstanding Writing for a Limited Series, Movie or Dramatic Special and Outstanding TV Movie.

The episode initially opens as a ‘80s period story but it is eventually revealed that “San Junipero” is a simulated reality environment used in a retirement facility. There, the aging residents upload content that will make their brain believe that they are living as their younger selves.

They can also choose to live forever in this alternate reality.

‘Black Mirror’ season 4 details

Meanwhile, Netflix also released the first teaser for "Black Mirror" season 4 in late August. The streaming site, however, has not announced an official air date for when the series will kick off.

The new season will have six episodes -- “Arkangel," “Black Museum,” “Crocodile,” “Hang the DJ,” “Metalhead” and “USS Callister” -- and will feature actors like Rosemarie Dewitt ("United States of Tara"), Jesse Plemons ("Fargo"), Cristin Milioti ("How I Met Your Mother") and Jimmi Simpson ("Westworld").

Jodie Foster directed one of the episodes, as did Emmy-winning director Tim Van Patten.

“It’s some of our most ambitious films in the next season. Very exciting,” co-creator and executive producer Annabel Jones told THR. “We do take on new genres and some new tone.”

"Black Mirror" is an anthology series. Each episode follows a different story and cast, and viewers can watch any episode according to their order preference.

The show first aired on U.K. television from 2011 to 2014. Netflix took interest in its original stories and commissioned Charlie Brooker for more episodes in 2015.