"The Young and the Restless" spoiler alerts indicate that Jill will soon be up to her old tricks of manipulation. This time around however she is not trying to maneuver Billy back into Victoria's arms. Mrs. Atkinson has found a new passion this time around she is determined to reunite Cane and Lily. On Wednesday Jill separately invited each of them to a New Years Eve bash at her home, but she was not shown extending the invitation to any other genoa city residents. It's possible the Ashby's may be the only two in attendance and this may open a door for them to admit they still love each other according to Celeb Dirty Laundry.

Lily and Cane are being manipulated

Everyone in Genoa City can see that Cane and Lily still love each other but the Ashby's have a lot of unresolved issues. Lily cannot fully commit to being in little Sam's life because of the manner in which he was conceived. Cane is trying to resign himself to the fact that his marriage is over. Jill who returned to town last week assured Billy that she was no longer interested in reuniting him with Phyllis. She has chosen instead to focus on a new passion which is getting Ashby's back together again.

Spoilers indicate that Jill is going to manipulate Cane and Lily and her New Year's Eve event may be the avenue she uses. She could actually be hosting a gala and her stepson and his estranged wife may be part of a large guest list.

It's also plausible that Mrs. Atkinson is setting the couple up to be alone with each other and reconnect at the Chancellor mansion.

Jill may be successful in reuniting Cane and Lily

Most everyone in Genoa City can see the Ashby's are still in love, including Hilary. "Lane" fans would love to see their favorite couple get back together and will be elated if Jill's plan works.

If she is successful this will open the door for Lily and her twins to be a bigger part of Sam's life. Mrs. Atkinson may reap the spoils of success with Cane and Lily that she never had during the years she tried to control Billy and Victoria.

On Wednesday Lily expressed her concern that Hilary has insinuated herself into Cane's life and would be appalled if her former sister in law became a mother figure to little Sam.

This could make her more open to the possibility of being the little boy's stepmom herself. Stay tuned to "The Young and the Restless" weekday afternoons at 2:00 PM on CBS. The new head writer Mal Young has promised exciting can't miss episodes and Jill being back in town will only add to the excitement, especially if the Ashby's decide to live together as husband and wife again.