On Wednesday's episode of "The young and the restless," Devon and Victor found out they were outbid in their attempt to purchase Chancellor Park. Spoiler alerts from Celeb Dirty Laundry suggest that the anonymous buyer could be no other than Jill. Mrs. Atkinson and her spouse Colin left town earlier in the year and returned for a day or two in the summer. Colin showed up just in time to find out that Juliet was carrying his grandchild and exited genoa city once more. Now it appears that his wife will return during the week of December 14-18 and may possibly be the one who outbid her ex-husband and Katherine's grandson.

Jill's return to Genoa City will be exciting for viewers

Jill has been away from Genoa City for close to a year except for a brief return this past spring. She did not come back to town with her husband when he was welcoming Juliet to the family but she did hire Cane to run Chancellor industries. Outside of this Jess Walton's absence from the screen has not been addressed. Celeb Dirty Laundry says Jill will return next week and loyal fans know this means fireworks of some kind.

After being gone for so long, Jill will more than likely be ready for a good fight and viewers will be eager to see her in rare form once again. Mrs. Atkinson will be returning home to find Juliet deceased and Cane as a single father.

She may even try to help Cane and Lily get back together. There is just no telling what Mal Yung has in store for Jill, but fans know that it will be explosive.

Jill and Victor will have issues once again

If indeed Jill is the anonymous buyer, this will cause issues once again with Victor, who had big plans for where the park is located.

Spoiler alerts did not indicate whether or not Colin is coming back to Genoa City with his wife but either way, Jill Atkinson will be a force to be reckoned with. She will also be coming back at a time when Cane can use her help with little Sam who has not yet been released from the hospital. Spoilers did not indicate how long Jill will stay in town but fans will be happy to see her no matter what.

Nick has been desperate to save Chancellor park and will be relieved to find out that Jill and not his father is the new owner. It's even possible that Nick himself notified Mrs. Atkinson of what has been going on. Make sure you don't miss an episode of "The Young and the Restless," by tuning in weekday afternoons and 12:30 PM. The new head writer/executive producer has promised big changes and surprises for the viewers and it seems he is keeping his word. In addition to being at odds with Victor, Jill may try to reunite Billy and Victoria yet again, and will certainly be entertained to find Nikki stole from Victor. Whatever happens, loyal fans will be thrilled just to have Jess Walton back in Genoa City.