One of the first things the new head writer for "The young and the restless" did was to end the relationship with Nikki and Jack, and slowly put her back in Victor's orbit. Mal Young is taking his time weaving a web that entangles these long-married, many times divorced, individuals into a web from which they cannot extricate themselves. Although each of them is currently being coy with each other, viewers know the Newmans cannot remain separated for very long. They first began talking to each other and the next thing you know, Nikki is back at the ranch and soon they will be living together as Husband And Wife again and sharing the same bed.

Victor and Nikki need to stop playing games

Nikki walked out on her husband a few months back and went straight to the waiting arms of Jack Abbot. Soon after Mal Young took over the Y&R helm and things began to change. The sparring stopped and the Newmans began to tolerate one another once again. They had to put their heads together to figure out that Tessa stole Nikki's gun an gave it to Crystal who shot Zack.

Nikki, however, found out that her spouse hired Kevin to steal Nick's fortune so she had the computer geek siphon money from Victor and place it in an offshore account. She admitted the deed and her spouse said he would not press charges if she agreed to come back to the ranch. Now they are living under the same roof but have separate sleeping quarters.

I think they both need to stop playing games because it always backfires.

Newman games are on again

Now that Nikki's secret is out, it will only be a matter of time before she learns what Victor is hiding. Unknown to Mrs. Newman, the charges against her had already been dropped. Her husband is holding her indiscretion over her head in order to get her back in his life.

More than likely just as soon as he has wooed his e wife back into his bedroom the entire truth will be revealed and the couple will be at odds again.

For now, each of them believes they have an upper hand against the other with Victor hiding the truth and Nikki staying in a guest room. On Wednesday the Newmans came to terms with their current situation and a new round of Newman games are on.

They told Devon that their family unit is stronger now than ever and he agreed to make an announcement online, Stay tuned each weekday afternoon at 12:30 PM on CBS for more episodes of "The Young and the Restless." It seems that Mal Young is making good on his word to keep things interesting in Genoa City.