The Duggar baby watch fan team is on high alert awaiting news on the newest impending arrival of Joy-Anna and Austin Forsyth's first child together. Duggar fans are well aware that it does not take long for a family member to conceive...However, there has been plenty of Duggar Family controversy surrounding not only Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin's rushed wedding, but the wedding night to baby due to date time frame.

Joy-Anna Duggar ready to become a mom

As previously reported Duggar fans became very suspicious when Joy-Anna and Austin announced that they would be pushing up their wedding date five months earlier than first announced.

Stories of family shame and disgrace began surfacing almost immediately with speculation that a shotgun wedding was underway.

Duggar family scandal and change in 2017

The couple married in May and announced their happy baby news in August. News spread that Joy-Anna and Austin had broken some major Duggar family rules reportedly engaging in pre-marital sex. Mom and Dad, Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar were reportedly devastated by the alleged shame Joy-Anna had brought to the family.

It has been a long and somewhat tough road for the super strict parents who have been dealing with one family controversy after the next. The changes have also been a bit of a bitter pill to swallow finding out that their kids have been rebelling against their firm family upbringing.

The Duggar kids/adults are starting to act out against the parents and wanting to live a more free-style modern way of life.

They are reportedly tired of the tough rules to live by and want to dress more modernly ditching the long skirts in favor of jeans and shorts. Jill Duggar even showed up at Thanksgiving shocking the family with a nose piercing.

Things they are a changing with-in the Duggar clan, despite Jim Bob and Michelle's tight grasp. Fans of the family reality series are torn by the kid's obvious rebellion. However, kids, not being kids any longer, but adults married, living on their own and starting families are determined to snap the Duggar clan into a more modern way of life.

Not everyone and everything will be changing, but there will be a lot that does. Hopefully, Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar can accept the changes, and continue on as one BIG happy family. It will be an adjustment, for now, fans are just anxiously awaiting the next Duggar family arrival and wishing the family all the best.

How do you feel about some of the Duggar family changes that have taken place this year?