The new season of "Vanderpump Rules" just started and scheana marie shay is back along with a new boyfriend. Her ex-husband Mike Shay hasn't been on the show and now the rumors are that he could end up coming back to the show. The thing is it wouldn't be with his ex and would actually be with his new girlfriend. When Scheana started dating Robert, he was able to join the show along with her. These two have been friends for years and actually dated before she was with Shay.

Details about Mike's possible return

Mike Shay might be coming back to the show and Radar Online is now sharing the details about it.

An insider shared the details saying, "Mike is finally over Scheana and has been posting about his new girlfriend non-stop on social media. He is telling his friends that the new girl is the love of his life!" He says he is totally done with Scheana Marie, but a source says that she still reaches out to him from time to time. At the moment, she is single since she did split from Robert. A source says recently she has reached out to Mike. Scheana and Robert don't seem quite like they are over, but she does say that she is single, but just not seeing anyone else at all.

What is going on with Scheana Marie?

Right now, Scheana Marie is single after her devastating split from Robert. They are still spending time with each other, though.

They were recently around each other a lot due to the big "Vanderpump Rules" premiere. Scheana has made it very clear that she wants to get back together with him someday, but the fact that she is reaching out to Mike is a bit confusing. It didn't seem like there was any way that she would get back together with Mike after she left him.

Scheana Marie can't be happy about the fact that Mike Shay is going to be coming back to "Vanderpump Rules" and also bringing his new girlfriend along with him. These two ended things on bad terms at the reunion show after last season, but if she is reaching out to him now then maybe they are doing better. If they can find a way to get along then it would be a lot easier for everyone.

What do you think of the idea of Scheana Marie Shay's ex Mike Shay returning to the show? Do you feel like this is a good idea? Sound off in the comments below on your thoughts, and don't miss new episodes of "Vanderpump Rules" when it airs on Monday nights on Bravo. This season has already started with a lot of drama and it looks like the entire thing will be that way. You do not want to miss any of this season.