Jill Duggar Dillard's husband, Derick Dillard, is back in the news again. Despite being fired from the Duggar Family reality series "Counting On," he is not going to let TLC, the Duggars, or anyone else keep him from voicing his strong opinions against the transgender community according to Radar Online on December 6.

Derick Dillard brings more drama to Duggar family

The Duggar family humiliation and rage against son-in-law Derick Dillard is causing more tension within the family after the 28-year-old went on yet another social media rant slamming Trans Rights.

Derick angered followers again after sharing a video on his Facebook page of transgender singer Laura Jane Grace teaching children about gender identity. Dillard did not censor his remarks, stating that he felt this behavior in his opinion is child abuse. “How unfortunate what children are subjected to in the name of progressive understanding," Dillard posted.

More drama?

It did not take long before Derick's post was bombarded with comments bashing Derick for his comments by angry followers. Dillard was fired from the family reality series by TLC after his negative and hurtful remarks directed at Jazz Jennings via social media. Since TLC's tweet announcing that Derick Dillard had been fired it has been a tense situation between Derick's wife Jill Duggar and her family members, especially her parents, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar.

Jill Duggar has been caught between her husband and her family, and as of Thanksgiving, it appears as if Jill has chosen to defy her family upbringing and values in what seems almost vengeful. Jill surprised and shocked her large family by showing up at the family Thanksgiving sporting a new nose piercing, but that is not all that Jill has been doing to get under her parent's skin these days.

Jill was also photographed wearing jeans and a clingy tee shirt, something that is not permitted by the family's strict religious values and upbringing. It also has not stopped there, as the Duggar daughter also shared a photo on Instagram sporting a new henna tattoo on her hand. Granted the new artwork is not permanent, but many believe it is Jill's way of testing the waters before going all-in.

Derick's termination, Jill's rebellion, and the tension brought to the Duggar family could be some of the reasons fans have yet to hear as to whether or not "Counting On" will be coming back for another season.

What are your thoughts on all the Duggar family drama?