Amanda Bynes has reportedly suffered a relapse with her mental health with those close to the former Child Star fearing for her well being according to Radar Online reports. Sources close to Amanda Bynes, 31, claim she has suffered a “major relapse” in her struggle with mental illness and hope to get her back on the right track before things grow worse.

Amanda Bynes mental health issues returning?

Bynes news followers will remember that Amanda went through a long period of time that began in 2012 and ran for a couple of years where she was constantly making news headlines for legal issues stemming from multiple DUI arrests, drug possession, a rehab stint all before finally being admitted to a hospital for a psychological evaluation.

Bynes past troubles with the law

Before her 5150 hold Amanda was spotted by press walking the streets wearing bizarre wigs and clothing and often muttering to herself. The final straw came after Bynes was arrested after stripping off her pants in front of a stranger's home before attempting to start a small fire on the sidewalk in front of the home. Following the incident, Amanda took to Twitter asking President Obama to fire the deputy who made the arrest.

Friends of Amanda Bynes claim that she is once again growing very paranoid and depressed. They have also noticed that Bynes' behavior has grown very erratic and she is struggling to "regain control." Following her rehab stay in2013, Amanda seemed to be on the road to recovery, she was attending design school, talking of a return to television and keeping a pretty low profile from the public eye.

In fact, in June of 2017, Amanda appeared to have been an entirely different person than she was in 2013, giving a rare TV interview with "Good Morning America" to show fans that she was healthy and doing well. But, according to her friends she has been really down and very anxious lately. Bynes tells pals she is still taking her meds and continues with her treatment, however, changes are very noticeable.

Her pals are worried that things will rapidly get out of hand again for Amanda. They want to do what needs to be done to prevent Bynes from slipping back into her past mental shape when she was filmed daily involved exhibiting very outrageous and dangerous behavior.

Hopefully, Amanda's friends can convince her to see her doctors before things get completely out of control. Fans really are pulling for Amanda Bynes and would love to see her healthy and back on TV soon.

What are your thoughts about Amanda Bynes relapse?