Jana Duggar is known somewhat as the black sheep of the Duggar family and the reason for that is pretty obvious. You see, Jana who is 27-years old is one of the only older Single Duggar daughter and even her sister Joy-Anna who is only 20- years old recently got married and is also pregnant. With Jana being older than most of the other siblings and being single it has got a lot of people online wondering about why hasn't been married off yet. You can now continue to read below to find out some theories to why Jana has stayed single for this long.

Why has Jana Duggar stayed single for this long?

As mentioned above there are now people talking online about why Jana has stayed single for such a long period of time. Well, one theory that has surfaced would be that she chooses to stay single because she wants to look after and protect the younger Duggar children. There are some fans online believe that Jana is protecting and looking after the younger kids so she can make sure that the scandalous crimes of Josh Duggar will never happen again. One fan wrote about this situation online saying “She might not feel comfortable abandoning all the little girls to a house with nothing but older brothers.”

The other reason to why some fans are thinking that Jana has stayed single for this long is because she is secretly plotting to get married at an older age to avoid having many children.

With her younger Duggar sisters being married and pregnant at like Twenty Years old many believe that Jana being married at a later age will limit how many Duggar children she will have in the future. A fan online agrees with that theory by saying “By not marrying so young, she will not nearly have as many kids right now.”

What is Jana Duggar up to these days?

With Jana Duggar being single for this long, there are there is bound to be speculation about her personal life.

Many times now there have been reports that she may be dating someone. Well, this someone would be called Caleb Williams, and the two have been spotted together on numerous occasions. This leads some fans to believe that the two are in love.

It is worth mentioning that when some Duggar fans found out about this rumored romance, they were not very pleased as they weren’t very fond of how he looked.

Regardless, you can catch up with this controversial family on their TLC reality television show “Counting On” or you can always follow them on social media. It is also worth mentioning that Derick Dillard will not be appearing on the show anymore as he made some transphobic comments about Jazz Jennings online.