Joy-Anna Duggar will officially be a married woman by the end of today. She became engaged to Austin Forsyth a few months ago after the two began their courtship last August. Duggar has known her soon-to-be husband for several years. The two families have been friendly so the courtship was ideal for both sides. After weeks of rumors about when Joy-Anna would be married, the news is finally her; today is the day the rest of her life begins.

Here comes the bride

There has been plenty of speculation about when Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth were tying the knot.

Their Wedding registry was sniffed out by curious fans and on it, their wedding date was listed as Joy-Anna's birthday. Of course, it was likely a decoy. Still, fans sent gifts to the couple. Everything from household goods to gift cards could be found on the list. There was some controversy over what the couple chose to register for, likely because they are moving in together and would need everything to start a brand new life.

According to Starcasm, Joy-Anna Duggar is getting married today. Everything is in place for the next Duggar to walk down the aisle and become one with her husband. Austin Forsyth is a lucky man, especially because he fits right in. Jill Duggar Dillard arrived back home just in time for her sister's wedding.

It is being assumed that all of the older girls are standing up for Joy-Anna. There have been no details leaked on the celebration at all. As the day progresses, there are likely going to be photos released. Fans are waiting to see how she was dressed and what the bridesmaids wore on her special day.

Another daughter married, Jana still at home

It is official, now that Joy-Anna Duggar is marrying Austin Forsyth today, Jana Duggar is the only adult daughter still living at home. This is a highly unusual situation, especially because Jana is always seen taking care of the younger children. She will likely be a bridesmaid for Joy-Anna as her special day has finally come.

Despite all of the happiness for this milestone in Duggar's life, there is still some sadness because Jana is now the only older sister left at home to help with the children and other chores.

As the day goes on and the celebration of Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth begins, there will be plenty more to share with fans. For now, speculations will run rampant as everyone waits for a tiny glimpse of the bride and groom on their wedding day. Today marks the beginning of the rest of their lives.