Jill Duggar’s husband derick dillard earned the ire of the LGBT community and supporters after he posted an anti-transgender tweet on social media on Aug. 2. The transphobic tweet was Dillard’s response to TLC’s promotional post for Jazz Jennings’ reality series, “I Am Jazz.” The new TLC docu-series follows the story of Jennings, a 16-year-old transgender teen, as she prepares for her high school journey. Unfortunately, Dillard, a fellow TLC reality star, didn't seem thrilled with the new show, which he claimed a “non-reality.”

Anti-transgender tweet

Many people reacted to Dillard’s transphobic post on Twitter after writing that being transgender is a “myth.” He also stressed in his tweet that gender is “ordained by God” and is unchangeable.

Following his controversial tweet, several Twitter users came to Jennings’ defense and accused the 28-year-old husband of Jill Duggar for bullying a teenage girl. But Dillard responded that he has nothing against Jennings, but he stressed that he has an issue with the “words and definitions” promulgated by TLC’s promotional post.

Some users also found Dillard’s tweet “hypocritical” as his wife’s family’s reality show is also airing on TLC. In fact, their show, “Counting On,” is scheduled to premiere next month. But because of Dillard’s tweet, other users are urging the network to cancel their show, saying it’s “time to get rid of the Duggars for good.”

If ever TLC decided to cancel the Duggar family’s reality program, this won’t be a first for them.

The reason? Well, the network already cancelled their previous show following Josh’s controversial molestation charges and cheating scandal in 2015.

Despite stirring controversies on social media, Dillard has not deleted his tweet. The Duggars have long been known to be against transgender people. As a matter of fact, Michelle Duggar even campaigned against them and their rights in 2014.

Jennings and TLC, on the other hand, have yet to release any public statement regarding the issue.

Jazz Jennings

Thanks to Dillard’s tweet, Jennings was placed under the spotlight. Her show, “I Am Jazz” reportedly replaced the Duggar family’s show, “19 Kids and Counting,” when it was canceled by the network. But who is Jazz Jennings?

At the age of four, Jennings was diagnosed with gender identity disorder. Two years after her diagnosis, she started appearing on national programs to shed light on her life, as well as on transgender issues. She also had her first major interview with Barbara Walters on “20/20.”

Jazz vs. Tomi Lahren

In other related reports, Jennings’ parents, Greg and Jeanette, are reportedly having a hard time deciding if they should allow their daughter Jazz to have a sit-down interview with Tomi Lahren, a conservative political commentator. The conversation will reportedly focus on transgender rights. Greg, however, is skeptical about Lahren, saying she is not someone that they should “get involved with.” Even though Jeanette thinks the 24-year-old presenter is “bad,” she is also interested in seeing the outcome of Jazz and Lahren’s meeting.

Meanwhile, “I Am Jazz” airs on TLC every Wednesday night. So, don’t forget to catch the show’s latest episodes.