Jeremy Vuolo, who is the husband of Jinger Duggar, is often beloved by Duggar family fans. The reason for why Jeremy and his wife Jinger are so liked is because of how open-minded they are compared to other Duggar family members.

For example, before Michelle or Jill were seen wearing a pair of pants Jinger could be seen rocking her signature skinny jeans. Well, now the tables may have turned as Jeremy has got into a tad bit of trouble by making a controversial comment about his wife online. You can now continue to read below to find out what that controversial comment was.

What did Jeremy Vuolo say about Jinger Duggar?

As mentioned above Jeremy Vuolo made a rather controversial comment about Jinger Duggar online. You see, what happened was Vuolo uploaded an Instagram picture of his wife with the caption ”Grateful she’s mine.” This angered a lot of fans online as they thought that Jeremy was treating Jinger like a piece of property.

For example, one Duggar commenter wrote “Don’t be Macho.. She is not property.” While another wrote, “She’s incredibly beautiful and you’re a lucky man to be sure but in no way whatsoever is she ‘yours’.” Check out the Instagram post below so you can see what the whole fuss is about.

Was Jeremy's comment about Jinger really that serious?

It's pretty clear that Jeremy did not mean to insinuate she was his property. People online are probably just attacking the couple because they are members of the Duggar family. With the Duggar family always being in the news for all of the wrong reasons it makes Jinger and Jeremy very easy targets for people online to criticize them for almost anything.

What are the rest of the Duggar family up to now?

In case you haven’t been following the Duggar family then you wouldn’t know about all of the controversies they have gotten themselves into in the past few months. An example of a controversy would be when Jill Duggar’s husband got kicked off the TLC reality television show “Counting On” for making some transphobic comments towards Jazz Jennings.

As soon as Dillard made these remarks last month the television network TLC decided to fire him from the series as they didn’t want his negative opinions to be associated with their network. Of course, Derrick claims he quit the show and was not fired. Just keep in mind it was TLC who announced they weren't working together first.

You are always able to catch up with the rest of the controversial Duggar family on their television series “Counting On” or you can always follow them on their social media accounts.