'Counting On' fans may have gotten an early Christmas present! It seems that fears TLC had dropped the reality TV series can be put away. We can all look forward to following the Duggar Family again next year. Romper reported that "TLC confirmed on Monday that it was renewed for another season."

And the best news is that we won't have to wait a long time for it to be on our screens again. TLC released a featured interview with Kendra and Joseph. At the same time, Joe dropped the next season's return.

"We're so excited to share our journey with you all on 'Counting On,' said Joe.

'Counting On' might screen as early as March 2018

We will get to see it in about three months time, Romper speculates.

Fans of the family would have been devasted to not see how it all goes with Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo. Will they have a baby? What about Kendra and Joe? They are expecting, and it would have been unthinkable not to go through the journey of being parents with them!

Will Jill Duggar be in the next season of 'Counting On?'

But for those who hoped that Jill Duggar would be back on the show, it seems this will not happen. According to CG Network, Derick Dillard confirmed she won't be in the New Season.

Obviously, the show will focus on the birth of Kendra and Joe's baby in the next season.

Some fan reactions on YouTube included many congratulations.

Jules Servant of Jesus4 posted, "Congratulations Joe & Kendra! God bless y'all!" Then there was lakesuperiorgirl2 who wrote, "I love them. Actually kinda jealous."

Not all Duggar fans believe the new season will happen

The news that Joe had dropped a new season quickly made it to Facebook, but some fans are not sure this is the gospel truth.

One fan asked on Twitter if it was true.

"@Duggarfamblog Hey I just saw on the counting on facebook page that someon(e) said the new season airs on March 15, 2018 is this true?" they asked.

Jana and Joy-Anna being filmed for next season

Granted, apart from what Joe said, there are no official posts announcing the news via TLC or official Duggar family pages, but it was reported that Joy Duggar was being filmed for the new season with Jana Duggar.

According to RealitySeriesHD on YouTube, they "are in the process of shooting already."

The shooting was taking place in a salon and photos show the camera and sound crews in action. You can see the photo in the video below.

If they were shooting for the next season, it is strange to see Jana and Joy-Anna will be featured early in the season. They are usually quite reclusive. Fans will be more than happy to follow these two Duggar girls in their journey next year.

At this stage it is still speculation and nothing has been confirmed by TLC, but if it "looks like a duck, swims like a duck and quacks like a duck, it probably is a duck."

What do think? Was Joe dropping a huge hint that the next season is confirmed? Were Jana and Joy-Anna Duggar being filmed for a new season? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.