The latest updates and spoilers for the "Spider-Man: Homecoming" sequel reveal another audition tape for the role of Gwen Stacy in the movie. Gwen has been rumored to be added to the Marvel Cinematic Universe soon with a new twist and origin for the character. She will likely be the next love interest in Peter Parker's life after his failed attempt on Liz Allen in the first movie.

Film producer Eric Carroll teased the idea of adding Scorpion and Mysterio as Spidey's next villains in the sequel.

New 'Gwen Stacy' audition

According to Omega Underground, the new audition tape came from European actress Iris Haller who is vying for the role of Spider-Man's love interest, Gwen Stacy.

This is the second audition tape that the news website has uncovered after releasing French actress Louna's tape on the internet.

Comic book fans have theorized that Marvel Studios might have issued an open casting call for the character prior to the production of the first "Homecoming" film. Screenrant also speculated that this version of Gwen was born and raised in Europe before moving to the United States.

Gwen will be portrayed as a European exchange student in Midtown High School and she is placed in Peter's class. In the Marvel comics, Gwen was Peter's first serious girlfriend before Mary Jane Watson, and she has appeared in three "Spider-Man" live-action films portrayed by Bryce Dallas Howard and Emma Stone.

Scorpion and Mysterio

"Spider-Man: Homecoming" producer Eric Carroll teased two classic Spidey villains in the MCU as he stated in the film's DVD commentary feature they wanted to put Scorpion and Mysterio in the next movie.

Mac Gargan made his MCU debut in "Homecoming" as one of Vulture's weapons dealer in the Staten Island ferry scene.

Peter was there to capture and expose Vulture's criminal activities before the FBI showed up. Mac was seen talking to Vulture about joining a team to take out the web-slinger and goaded him to reveal who his true identity.

Scorpion is equipped with a weaponized suit with a mechanical tail that fires acid rounds. He has enhanced strength and agility that can rival Spidey's powers.

As for Mysterio, comic book screenwriter Kevin Smith told We Got This Covered that the villain will be perfect for the sequel due to his colorful visual theme.

"The character's visually everything a comic book should be. He captures your imagination, and there's some menace to him," Smith said. "Mysterio lends himself to a cinematic telling of Spider-Man because he was an effects guy."

The sequel's story will take place after "Avengers 4" and it is rumored that Peter is wearing the symbiote suit in the movie.