Carolyn Bridget Kennedy is an award-winning Actress who has appeared in web-series, films, and more. Carolyn has been lauded for her work on “Danger Pay,” a sketch comedy series delivered via web-series that has earned acclaim at respected venues such as “IndieFEST,” where it took top prize for leading actress.

“Danger Pay” is a comedy that tells the story of a paralegal named Michelle who works for a narcissistic, lewd, and difficult lawyer. Despite earning a top salary, Michelle finds it difficult to endure his relentlessly rude, combative, and unsavory antics yet perseveres for the salary.

Carolyn is the all-around creator of the series. She stars in it, writes the scripts, and produces it. Similarly, she wrote, produced, and acted in a short film titled “Super Speed Dates” which has won many awards via the film festival circuit.

Hailing from Canada, Carolyn is a producer, director, writer, and actress who has done well for herself in the United States. The founder of “Demure Duchess Pictures,” Carolyn frequently creates and stars in her own original projects. Having only pursued the creative side of life starting in 2011, Carolyn’s first project was a web-series called “The Bridget Linden Show” which aired on YouTube in 2012 and has since amassed 125 episodes, 900,000 views, and 1,700 channel subscribers.

Aside from creating her work, Carolyn has acted in the projects of others in Bollywood (“Jindua”) and Canadian-made science fiction series inspired by Star Trek (“Galaxy Trek Vulcan: To Boldly Go”). She has also appeared in numerous television shows and is a spokeswoman for an Italian-based social-welfare charity called “Auxilia” that aids women and children in war-torn and/or economically disadvantaged regions.

She previously worked as a paralegal (an experience which directly influenced “Danger Pay”) and managed to lose more than 100 pounds and keep it off!

Recently, Carolyn granted an exclusive interview where she discussed her experiences working in entertainment, creating “Danger Pay” and “Super Speed Dates,” her plans for the future, and more.

From paralegal to entertaining characters

Meagan Meehan (MM): You started out working as a paralegal, so why did you decide to enter the entertainment industry in 2011?

Carolyn Bridget Kennedy (CBK): A friend told me in passing that he could see me on television and he thought I was funny. It wasn’t an instant realization that this is what I wanted to do, but it planted the seed of an idea in my mind. A while later I took an acting workshop. I also got cast in a background role and found that I really enjoyed the experience of being on set. It grew incrementally after that.

MM: How did you come up with “The Bridget Linden Show,” what can audiences expect from it, and why do you think it’s so popular?

CBK: In one of the acting classes I took we were advised that if we wanted a shot at growing in the industry, we should create our own character and web series to get started. It took me a little while, but I came up with a character and a concept that I could film and produce solely by myself. I wanted it to be something that was playful and fun to watch, but inspirational and motivational for women of a certain age. I wanted each video to be different from the previous one to keep people guessing what “Bridget” would be doing next. I think its popularity hinges on its playful and light tone, yet having an empowering message underlying the episodes.

MM: What prompted you to create “Danger Pay” and are any of the plots and/or characters based on experiences you had when you were a paralegal?

CBK: After filming many episodes of “The Bridget Linden Show” I wanted to create a web series that had a scripted multi-character format. The subject area was born out of the generic advice to “write what you know.” I felt comfortable writing about a paralegal. Also, in the writing I had to be cognizant of logistical and budget limitations, so this informed the setting and number of characters involved. I am drawn to comedy, so I wanted it to be a comedy. The general theme was borne out of some of the awkward situations that can happen between paralegals and lawyers and in this instance the particular interactions that can take place in a home office environment. But, I would not say that the actual storylines mirror or mimic any particular experience that I have had.

MM: Be honest, do you have a favorite episode and are you planning to make more?

CBK: My favorite episode of “Danger Pay” is Episode 5 - “Loser Tag.” By the time I wrote Episode 5, I felt that my writing for these characters had grown. It included some peripheral characters that I felt serviced a stronger entertaining story than some of the other episodes. Also, by the time it filmed, the cast and crew had really gelled, and it was incredibly fun to shoot. It is also the one that has garnered the greatest amount of positive feedback and accolades. I have sketched out another season for “Danger Pay” and started writing the scripts for a further six episodes. However, I have taken on the task of trying to adapt it into a thirty-minute TV format as I have received some network interest in developing it.

Films, producing, writing, and goals

MM: You also created your own short film, so what is it about and what inspired it?

CBK: As part of one of my acting workshops, we were tasked with coming up with an idea and a script for a short film and one of our ideas would be selected to be filmed with the group. It sounds strange, but I went to bed one night with this on my mind, and when I woke up the kernel of the idea just came to me. I started with the concept of superheroes attending a speed dating event. I then wondered what would happen if they answered, truthfully, all of the questions that are usually asked at those events. I thought that putting them in their hero personas would be a little too on the nose and less funny.

So, I put them in their non-hero personas and let their answers to the women’s questions and the women’s reactions slowly reveal their characters. “Super Speed Dates” is one of those films that people might go back and watch again after they have figured out who these guys likely are (or maybe they’re all delusional), especially people with a love of comic-book and popular culture. “Super Speed Dates” was recently awarded “Best Original Story” from Los Angeles Film Awards. The teaser trailer is online, but the film will be available online in early 2018.

MM: You’re a producer, director, writer, and actress, so is it tiring to wear so many hats and which job do you enjoy most?

CBK: I enjoy the writing and the acting the most.

In both cases, you’re bringing the character to life. I do enjoy producing. It is a lot of planning, problem-solving, and organization, which fits with my prior skill set as a paralegal. But, doing all four at the same time is a lot to do. I was a Director in Training on “Super Speed Dates,” and I have director-shadowed on some other projects. For future projects that I want to direct I will have to pare down my other roles and devote the majority of my energy to directing.

MM: What made you start “Demure Duchess Pictures” and why did you select that name?

CBK: The last name Kennedy connotes an image in popular culture of royalty and Camelot. So, I thought of “Duchess.” In the past, someone once used the word “Demure” to describe me.

I liked the alliterative quality of the two words put together. I wanted to establish a production company through which I would create my projects as well as develop a brand with which people could identify me.

MM: What are the rewards and challenges of working on web-series?

CBK: Rewards include being able to create something in which you can have a role. You don’t have to rely on others to provide you with work. You also have the complete creative freedom to do whatever you want. It is also gratifying to be able to bring together an entire group of people who can share in being a part of the collaboration. With online platforms, you can have your work seen by anyone around the world. The challenges include being a one-person production company, and you have to manage all aspects of production, promotion, and marketing.

It is also a challenge to deal with a micro-budget format. But, this is also a blessing because it forces you to be creative in all things, from writing to the shooting.

MM: What has it been like to be so lauded at so many film festivals?

CBK: When I conceived of both “Danger Pay” and “Super Speed Dates” I didn’t even consider film festivals. Once we finished them, I realized they were little gems. I wanted to promote them for both their sakes and out of respect for everyone who gave their time to create these projects. For those reasons, it feels incredible to have had the reaction from festivals that we have had for both of them – to date “Danger Pay” has garnered twenty laurels and “Super Speed Dates” has garnered thirteen.

MM: What are your major goals for the future and are you working on anything else right now?

CBK: I have been working on strengthening my writing skills and have taken some improv classes. I am working on developing “Danger Pay” for television; I am working on a number of feature-length scripts, and I am working on developing a new web series that I hope to film in the U.S. in 2018. In addition, I continue to audition and be available for acting roles in other productions. I am moving to Los Angeles in early 2018, the heart of the industry in North America. I am very excited to become engaged in collaborating in the industry there in all of these capacities!