This week’s “Riverdale” (S02 E07 Tales from the Darkside) looked and felt darker, perhaps because of the divided segments? Only the screenwriters would know, anyhow. Betty seems to be your total smart investigative girl and obviously, she is tracking down the Black Hood, who by the way, wants people not to sin or else he will take matters into his own hands.

There is a segment with Jughead getting into trouble (again), taking a secret payload to Greendale (Riverdale’s sister town just because… why not?), and while Jughead tries to deliver the secret crate with Archie, there is a massive cameo here that only the horror geeks will understand – and enjoy (pictured)!

More crates and creepy ladies!

After being advised that he will be the new boy in charge of delivering more crates and goodies, Jughead finds out that Penny lied and has some proof of the two delivering the thing, so the boy will keep being at her service for good. Wasn’t he the smart boy?

What kind of school is this? Letting students stay past their bedtime. I don’t know, but sure the dinners aren’t your normal ones either with lots of led lamps and surround sound music playing. Josie Mccoy finally gets a bit of air time and while the janitor seems to like her, some other folks seem to be as interested. It’s funny how she stays at school during the nighttime with this whole Black Hood thing going on.

Is she the Black Hood? Don’t know, but sure Chuck Clayton could be, or perhaps Crazy Betty! He seems changed – or not? Art classes and praying? What kind of changes could these things do to a person? Poor Chuck, sending animals hearts to Josie? Lots of questions, but one thing makes me wonder: she was too quick to frame him!

Good friends sleep at your house to frame your father

How about this: what if a friend of yours slept at your house to dig around to frame your father, wouldn’t you be furious? I would. These kids take these things too seriously, don’t they – Betty? Poor Kevin Keller, almost witnessing his father getting sexually attacked by a flaming virgin, or so he thought.

After that, more invasion: The Sheriff’s home office has a huge murder board and obviously a 'black hood.' Sheriff Keller has to “explain” himself and even shows his book to Betty after having his premises invaded.

Obviously, Betty knows more than anyone and she is so incredibly witty that wouldn’t matter whatever the Sheriff claims – no convincing here! She had to follow the man until she uncovered some juicy stuff! Will she tell Kevin about his father’s wrong doing? Another sin has been committed. Oh well, it seems they’re all sinners after all on Season 2.