This Post contains spoilers for Pokémon Sun and Moon episode 52, please proceed reading with caution.

For the last few episodes, there have been major ups and downs in the "Pokémon Sun and Moon" anime with Ash finding Cosmog aka Nebby/Hoshigumo-Chan and the reason why Lillie was not able to touch Pokémon.

Review and recap

Gladio and Lillie, with the help of Ash and friends, finally reach the Altar of the Sunne. All the Guardian deities gathered there before the Team's arrival, which hinted that they might have known about their arrival. This was later on revealed in the episode.

Ash and Lillie ask Tapu-Koko if it can help them summon Solgaleo to help save Lillie's Mom. The four deities decide to show them how Nebby was created by using all four terrains — Electric, Psychic, Grassy, and Misty.

It turns out that the four deities had placed Nebby so Ash can find it and keep his promise. In all of this, Professor Kukui receives a phone call from Professor Burnet. Although she is not heard, Professor Kukui's reaction to the call suggests that she got herself into trouble on her way to the Altar of the Sunne.

Kukui reveals Braviary, professor's partner Pokémon, for the first time in the "Sun and Moon" anime. Following Ash and the others, Team Rocket reaches the top of the Altar by climbing up after getting roughed up by Jangmo-o.

There they see Kapu-Kokeko (Tapu Koko), Kapu-Tetefu (Tapu Lele), Kapu-Bulul (Tapu Bulu), and Kapu-Rehire (Tapu Fini) for the first time.

Professor Kakui, with Braviary, saves professor Burnet from a horde of Jangmo-o and Hakamo-o with a 'Brave Bird', leaving Burnet surprised.

Team Rocket fail to succeed in their plan to catch the "Kapus" because of Beware (again).

The Guardian deities sing while standing on some kind of pillars with their signs inscribed on them which opens up a hatch with a sun-shaped entity inside it.

A beam of light shines on Cosmoem and it evolves into a Solgaleo. Ash tells it about the situation and that only it can help them by opening an Ultra Wormhole. Solgaleo then hands Ash a unique shaped Z-Crystal which does not fit into his Z-Ring.

All the guardians take Ash's Z-Ring one by one and perform a ritual which "Evolves" the Z-Ring so that the new Z-Crystal can fit into it. The team climbs on Solgaleo's back and Tapu Koko teaches Ash the pose for his newly acquired Z-Move (Sunshine Smasher) which opens up an Ultra Wormhole and then Solgaleo, with the team on his back, proceeds to jump through it and take them to a new dimension. Both professors arrive only to find out that Ash and his friends already went to the Ultra Space.

Episode 53 'Hurry! The Great Lusamine Rescue Operation!!' Preview and summary

Summary: "Satoshi and the others have passed through the Ultra Hole with Solgaleo's help. The place they arrive in is the world where the Ultra Beasts live!

Lusamine then appears before the perplexed group. But something seems weird about her, and as the group attempts to rescue her, they're stopped by the Pokémon being controlled by the Ultra Beasts! Now what?"