The Rumors have been flying for a while that Jana Duggar and Caleb Williams might be courting each other. A new birthday video really has these rumors heating up, though. It turns out that Jordyn Duggar's recent birthday video was shared on Facebook and the fans noticed something right away. The comments went crazy as soon as it was posted.

What was seen that has fans talking?

Recently, there was a video posted of Jordyn Duggar's birthday and the family at her party. The video scans across the entire room and it shows that Caleb Williams is there.

There is no reason for the Duggars to just have a random guy hanging out at the house and everyone thinks that this could mean something more. It seems like he might have been there to spend time with Jana, but nobody is saying that for sure.

This video just seems to be a bit of confirmation to some fans that they are a couple, but it is hard to believe it until Jana and Caleb actually speak out themselves. That hasn't happened just yet, so it isn't an actual confirmation of anything at all.

Could they be courting?

Jana Duggar still lives at home and is now 27-years-old. She is the oldest of the Duggar girls who isn't married. She still lives at home with the rest of the Duggar family. Jana has made it very clear that she won't just starting courting anyone and that she wants a certain kind of guy.

Jana likes someone who isn't afraid to get his hands dirty.

Caleb Williams is a close family friend and has been stopped around the Duggars and Jana a lot lately. There have been rumors that Jana was courting a few different guys. Caleb is the only one who seems to not be speaking out and denying those rumors. He seems okay with letting people think that they are actually dating.

Jana hasn't denied the relationship either.

The fans are hoping that Jana Duggar is dating Caleb Williams. If that is the case, everyone will probably find out on the new season of "Counting On." The Duggars like to make big announcements on their own terms. It has already been confirmed that another season of "Counting On" will be happening in the spring.

This could be perfect timing to let everyone know that Jana has found love.

Are you shocked to hear that Caleb Williams was in Jordyn Duggar's video from her birthday? Do you think that Jana and Caleb are more than friends? Sound off in the comments below on your thoughts, and don't miss new episodes of the show "Counting On" when it returns with new episodes in the spring on TLC.