You heard right 80's fans! "StrangerThings," the show that is always on everyone's lips, has officially been renewed for another year over at everyone's favorite streaming powerhouse, Netflix! Today's giant morsel of television news comes straight from the source - Netflix's own Twitter account!

Not that this news of a renewal should come as a shock to anyone familiar with the show's incredibly jaw-dropping mythology-based way of weaving quality storytelling. I don't have to tell you how often the (mis)adventures of an Eggo-snatching preteen telekinetic wunderkind come up in daily conversation around the proverbial water cooler at work; you already know all about Eleven!

Nor do I need to jump into a diatribe about how the show has taught millions of viewers that true acts of friendship have no bounds.

Whether diving headfirst into a nasty hollowed out tree filled with viscous goo or infiltrating a secret government-run laboratory, the kids of "Stranger Things" remind us how bad*ss 80's kids really were.

Here's what we know so far

If we learned anything at all from season two, it's that everything we thought we knew about the world of "Stranger Things" was completely and utterly incorrect.

With that in mind, here are all of the revelations we learned about the overall mythology surrounding the mysteries of Hawkins this year.

  • Eleven's numerical moniker does indeed mean that there are - at the very LEAST - ten unique individuals who possess(ed) extraordinary powers out in the world somewhere. Including, but not limited to, her 'sister' Kali, who sports a tattoo identifying her as 008.
  • Demogorgons aren't born in the ferociously hideous forms with which they are initially introduced. They actually have multiple (adorable) stages that lead up to full-Demogorgon status including the unbelievably cuddly pollywog stage.
  • The hive-minded master of monsters, known as the Mind Flayer, is the head honcho in the Upside Down. All Upside Down residents take orders straight from this mysterious entity.

What can you expect from season three?

Season two's mighty cliffhanger left a lot of viewers with more questions than they could have ever thought possible.

What does the Mind Flayer have in store for the children of Hawkins next year? How will Eleven even begin to battle a 50-stories tall gargantuan shadow monster? Will Steve ever find love again now that Nancy and Jonathan are officially a couple? And at what point will Joyce realize that she should never let her kids go off on their own.

C'mon Joyce!

That being said, there are a few easter eggs that may lead to potential big storylines so here are just a few of my predictions for the upcoming season:

  • According to a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, the Duffy Brothers will again utilize a time jump next season.
  • We will be introduced to at least one more of Eleven's 'siblings'. My Prediction is that it will be a boy to shake up Eleven's budding relationship with Mike Wheeler.
  • Newly formed couple Nancy and Jonathan's relationship won't stay sunshine and daisies for long. I predict bad boy Billy Hargrove will have something to say about the blossoming courtship.
  • Will will most certainly still feel the effects of being possessed by the Mind Flayer which will lead him to drift further and further from his group of friends. Darker times await our fair Will Beyers.
  • Despite Fan-Favorite Barb's recent IRL casting in NBC's "Drama High," I think Shannon Purser will make an appearance in the third season. While her character seemed to have gotten the heartfelt funeral we all hoped for, I have a feeling that her body/spirit will give some clues to the overall mystery of the series.
  • Last, but not least, we will discover that the Mind Flayer is a lackey and that the entity actually answers to a much scarier TBD epic monster.

Until we learn more about what's to come, I leave you with my personal takeaway from the second season of "Stranger Things" : If your town's pumpkin patches begin mysteriously turning to gray mush for no discernable reason, your town definitely has Demogorgons and you should seriously consider relocating.

What kind of adventures do you think the kids of Hawkins will get into next year? The third season of "Stranger Things" will most likely begin airing in the fall of 2018 on Netflix.