The "Gold Rush" rumors point to an uncertain future for Parker Schnabel, with reports that the show's young star could potentially leave if he chooses to settle down and start a family.

Fans of the Discovery Channel reality series have watched as Schnabel went from a teenager under the wing of his grandfather, John Schnabel, to one of the most efficient crew leaders in the gold mining world. But there is some concern among fans that Parker Schnabel could one day leave the show as he looks to settle down and start a family. There are reports that Parker has gotten serious with girlfriend Ashley Yule, and has even discussed the idea of marriage (though Parker said that may still be a ways off).

These "Gold Rush" rumors have created a bit of an uncertain future for the popular reality show. If Parker Schnabel were to get married to his longtime girlfriend, it's not clear where their future would lie, and there is the potential that he would move outside the United States. Ashley Yule is from Australia, and in previous interviews, Parker has mused about what it would be like to mine for gold across Australia or New Zealand. Parker also spent the holidays in Australia last year, visiting Ashley's family, Earn the Necklace noted.

Parker Schnabel's net worth

Money may not be too much of an issue in Parker's future plans, and it appears that he would not need to rely on the Discovery Channel show to make a living.

Through his work both as a gold mining crew leader and he lucrative work on "Gold Rush," Parker Schnabel has amassed quite a hefty net worth. The website Celebrity Net Worth, which calculates the total monetary value for a range of celebrities, estimated that he is worth about $5 million. That is rising quickly, as earlier in the year the site had pegged the reality television star at $3 million.

"Gold Rush" without Parker?

Though some fans are worried that Parker Schnabel could leave "Gold Rush," it would seem unlikely that the Discovery Channel would let the star slip away. The network has already tapped Parker for a number of one-off series during the "Gold Rush" offseason, including a series earlier this year called "Gold Rush: Parker's Trail" that followed the 23-year-old as he explored the Alaskan wilderness.

Parker remains a favorite among "Gold Rush" fans --- many of whom still have an affinity for his late grandfather --- and he is the show's most marketable star. So even if Parker Schnabel did get married and move to Australia, the cameras may come with him.