Both Oscar and Sam are dealing with mixed emotions on "General Hospital" as they deal with their new family dynamics. Sam is trying to force everyone to believe she wants a life with Drew, but viewers can tell she truly loves Jason. Oscar is treading carefully around Drew, who assures him he will not push for a relationship and has been overwhelmed by all the attention from the Quartermaines. On Thursday (Dec. 21) he relented and attended the family Christmas get together and even sang "Silent Night" with his cousin Ned. Both Oscar and his stepmom are not sure about all the recent changes but in time life in Port Charles will change for them hopefully for the better.

Oscar is overwhelmed by the Quartermaine family

Oscar had been an only child raised by a single mom, who was just getting used to Joslyn's unique family situation. Sonny being a mob boss, the guards who follow Joslyn, and Carly's hyper personality was enough to deal with, and now, suddenly, he finds out that Drew is his biological father. This means that the Quartermaine clan are his relatives, with Carly's best friend Jason being his uncle and Ned and Michael are his cousins. Monica is his grandmother, Sam his stepmom, and Scout his sister.

This is a lot for a teenage loner to deal with and emotions are running high all around. Monica is excited to have a new family member, while Ned is concerned about the Quartermaine fortune.

Oscar's mom Kim simply seems happy that she and her son are being embraced, but viewers believe eventually it will be revealed that she may have an agenda and even be part of why Drew was given Jason's memories.

Sam is torn between two lovers and lying to herself

Sam has accepted Oscar but is having trouble coming to terms with Jason returning to Port Charles.

She is going out of her way to convince everyone that she loves Drew and the life she has built with him. Sam is not taking into consideration that should the man she is living with regain his memories, it may change his feelings for her. Drew might remember Kim and decide he wants a life with her and Oscar.

Alexis is elated that her daughter wants to remain with Drew, but Monica and Carly keep telling Sam that deep down she knows Jason is her soul mate.

Spoilers from Celeb Dirty Laundry indicate that Sam may soon acknowledge that Jason is the man she wants to spend her life with, but for now, she is insistent that she will stand by Scout's father. She will not admit that she is torn between these two men and still has deep feelings for Jason. Stay tuned weekday afternoons at 2:00 PM on ABC for more episodes of "General Hospital."