On Friday's episode of "General Hospital," Oscar dealt with a difficult situation. The results of the DNA test were in and he told Joslyn he was not sure he wanted to know what it revealed. He wants to know if Drew Cain is his biological father but feels the information should come from his mother Kim. Meanwhile, Kim shows up at Drew's place unannounced and abruptly tells him that Oscar is his son. This is going to change the entire dynamic of the show because now there are specifics in the life of Andrew Cain that do not revolve around those he has come to love in Port Charles. Things have now shifted towards Jason's twin trying to figure out his past life and those who were in it.

Kim is no longer beating around the bush regarding Drew

When Jason arrived at Sonny and Carly's for Thanksgiving, Kim wrongly believed he was his brother and told everyone she briefly knew Drew in California. After being told about the twins she abruptly told her son they had to leave. Later Joslyn and Oscar realize the possibility that Drew could be his father and decide to obtain the DNA test. Kim has been hesitating and beating around the bush regarding her son's biological father. She has no idea that he suspects Andrew or that he has gone behind her back to gain answers.

Even though he no longer has the same face, Kim may still be drawn to the father of her child. She could possibly be thinking of the three of them becoming a family.

"General Hospital" has not yet revealed the agenda of Oscar's mom, so it's too early to know if she is sincere or has an ulterior motive. One thing that is certain is that this information will make a difference where Sam is concerned.

Kim may cause problems for Sam and Drew

When Kim made her grand announcement Sam was nearby and overheard everything.

She has been loyal to her marriage and trying not to think about Jason, but now things have changed. Her husband realizes he had a relationship with Kim and that Oscar is his son. Knowing he has a past that has come into his present situation may cause Sam to pull back and allow herself to love Jason again.

Spoiler alerts from Celeb Dirty Laundry indicate that Drew will be pondering how he is no longer the father of Jake and Danny but now has a teenager who has grown up without him.

Stay tuned to "General Hospital" to find out how this new father and son will bond with each other, and how Kim affects the marriage between Sam and Drew. GH airs weekday afternoons at 2:00 PM on ABC.