While most of us are decking the halls by making cookies and going through the woods to grandma's, do you ever wonder what the celebrities are doing? Do they decorate the tree with diamond ornaments? Take a ride on their private yacht? Most of their traditions will probably be more simple than you would expect.

#1 Olly Murs

Olly told the Guardian that when it is Christmas time, it is all about family. "My dad is given the job of cooking everyone bacon muffins to start the day off. Then we’ll have my sister, brother-in-law and nephew round with my aunty and uncle, cousins and Nana and Pops.

We’ll take it in turns to open our presents around the tree and Mum will always cook the Christmas dinner. And it’s not a Murs Christmas without all of us falling asleep in front of an old Christmas movie."

#2 Mariah Carey

The Carey's know how to have old-fashioned Christmas fun. Carey revealed to Redbook magazine that her family celebrates Christmas on the December 23 with none other than a sleigh ride. "The focal point of the week is the 23rd, when we do a real sleigh ride! Depending on how many of us are up in [Aspen], we get one or two horse-drawn sleighs, and we bundle up and go riding in the snow under the stars. We always drink cocoa with butterscotch schnapps to keep warm, and we sing at the top of our lungs." What a cozy Christmas tradition!

#3 Michelle Obama

The Obama's sure do celebrate Christmas the right way: with lots of food! Former First Lady Michelle told Redbook magazine that the entire month of December is for munching! She explained that while they were in the White House they would be constantly entertaining. "We have a reception almost twice a day, every day, until December 21.

That means hors-d'oeuvres and eggnog and cookies for every guest who comes through. The house smells incredible for an entire month. We've always dedicated the Christmas tree in the Blue Room, which has the largest tree in the house, to the military families. We'll have hot chocolate, light a fire and get out a basket of decorations."

#4 David Beckham

Surprisingly enough, the former footballer does not spend his Christmas playing the game he loves, he listens to the Queen's speech!

He confessed to ESPN: "We always spend Christmas in London and we’ve always spent it with family, [that’s what Christmas is about] my children are used to that. My gran used to make us watch the Queen’s speech on Christmas Day, so that’s one thing that I make sure I continue on with my children."

#5 Nick Jonas

The Jonas brothers are all about food on Christmas morning. Nick told InStyle: "Every year we eat tamales on Christmas morning and it's pretty awesome. My mom started it and it's special because Kevin, Joe and I have grown up doing it. It's very like us to have tamales on Christmas."

#6 Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba and Cash Warren chose to spend their holiday season with family and friends. Back in 2015, Alba told InStyle that "Cash, me, and my parents throw down in the kitchen, and my dad makes the most yummy tender turkeys.

He makes a spicy version- seasoned with fresh jalapenos- and a classic version with all the fixings. We love Christmas caroling with an improv version of '12 Days of Christmas' that's always pretty epic. We also do our version of a White Elephant that's an ornament exchange for all of the adults."

#7 Nicole Richie

Richie likes to stick to the more traditional Christmas festivities. Richie told Us Weekly: "Christmas is my favorite holiday. We go pretty big. I went big when I was growing up: do the Christmas tree, decorating the house. Every tradition you can think of, we go and we do it."

#8 Ne-Yo

Ne-yo kept it real when he talked to Us Weekly about Christmas now that he has kids. The R&B star admits: "We get up at the $@&-crack of dawn because that's when my kids wake up.

I spend about three hours trying to open the packaging. Do you realize how hard it is to open toys? You get paper cuts and plastic cuts." At least he is honest, and we can all tell that for Ne-Yo, the holidays revolve around his family.

#9 Sheryl Crow

Sheryl Crow keeps her holiday traditions focused on family and faith. The star told Parade: "Christmas Eve church service is when Christmas, to me, starts to feel like Christmas. Everything that comes before that is a ramp up to total chaos and letdown (after), but I love the tradition of the Christmas Eve service. My mom always sings 'O Holy Night' and it's just beautiful".

#10 Blake Lively

Blake Lively and her siblings still know how to have fun.

Back in 2014, Lively told ABC that one of their traditions is all of them piling in the same bed! "I don't know how my family does this but everybody gets in the same bed. Somehow we just spend seven hours a day just chatting. It's really nice to have that time."

Which one of these celebrity traditions is your favorite? Comment below!