On "General Hospital" Joslyn ordered a DNA test which will reveal whether or not Cain is Oscar's biological father. There have been several scenes between the two men that may already have given viewers the impression they are indeed father and son. Last week when Kim showed up at Sam and Drew's home she commented on her son being restless and going out at night. Andrew replied passively that he was the same way. On Monday's episode, there was a scene on the bridge that could be interpreted as indicating a connection between the men that was straight out of the movie "Forrest Gump."

Oscar and Drew had a moment like Forrest Gump and son

Near the end of Monday's episode, both Kim's son and Jason's twin found themselves on the bridge.

When Oscar offered to leave Drew alone to think, he was invited to stay. Both men simultaneously folded their arms in front of them in a similar manner. It looked just like the scene from "Forrest Gump" where father and son tilted their heads the same way when watching television. This memorable moment certainly was no coincidence, and surely GH would not have inserted it without reason.

In addition, Kim is acting very strange around Drew and on Tuesday said that she needed to tell him something about her son. Putting this together with what was spoken in the house as well as the scene on the bridge and viewers are probably believing that Jason's brother is indeed Oscar's father. Whatever the outcome of genetic testing it's certain that problems will arise.

Kim should have told Oscar who his father is

Kim should have told Oscar about his father years ago because the DNA test is on the way. Should this indeed proven Drew is her baby daddy things will get pretty nasty on "General Hospital." This will cause drama for Joslyn who initiated the test and put herself into a family dynamic that was not any of her business.

This will be painful for her friend who has lived his entire life without knowing who his father is. Kim will also need to come clean about why she has lied all these years

This will be a new wrinkle for Sam and Drew who are already dealing with so much, and Kim's motives will also come into question. She has withheld her son's paternity from him and robbed him of a relationship with his father for his entire life. There must be a reason she kept mum, and it will no doubt be revealed in the coming months. Stay tuned to "General Hospital" weekday afternoons at 2:00 PM on ABC.