On "General Hospital" Liesl Obrecht continues her game of cat and mouse with her son Nathan. She has assured him that Victor Cassadine and not Caesar Faison is his biological father, but Nathan is not buying it. Each time he tries to get details she puts him off, and on Wednesday, asked him to simply let it go. Unknown to both of them, Maxie has decided to take matters into her own hands by bumping into Valentin and obtaining his DNA. She then enlisted nurse Amy to order a DNA test to find out if Victor Cassadine is her unborn baby's grandfather or not.

Nathan wants Obrecht to open up

Nathan has been trying for months to get his mother to open up about his parentage. All she will tell him is that Victor Cassadine is his biological dad and not Faison. Now that he is about to become a father himself, Nathan wants to know everything about his medical records and make sure there are no possible problems with his unborn child. On Wednesday the detective had lunch with Obrecht and begged her for the truth. He said that whatever secret she is hiding, he can handle it.

Detective West wants his mother to open up so he can have peace regarding the child his wife is carrying. Unfortunately, he can get no satisfactory answers from Obrecht, only a cuckoo clock as a Christmas gift.

As Nathan continues grilling his mom, Maxie is trying to guilt Amy into doing the DNA test behind her husband's back. Eventually, the nurse gives in and agrees to help.

Maxie may get to the bottom of the secret

The DNA test will determine if indeed Nathan is the son of Victor Cassadine. If it turns out he is not then Obrecht will continue to be in the hot seat.

Although Liesl's son is a police detective he seems to tread carefully around her and not want to rock the boat. Maxie, however, is determined to help her husband any way that she can. If the results indicate that Detective West is the son of another his wife will probably ask Amy for help yet again so she can get to the bottom of the secret.

Eventually, the truth will come out, and if Obrecht herself is not the one to reveal it she may jeopardize her relationship with her son and even her grandchild. Liesl told Nathan she was elated that he and Maxie wanted her to be a part of their baby's life but her continued lying may cost her everything. Stay tuned to "General Hospital" weekday afternoons at 2:00 PM on ABC to find out what Liesl is hiding. Her secret may even tie in with the mystery surrounding Jason and Drew, so don't miss an episode.