Dr. Phil has been accused of attempting to pump up his ratings by providing former addict guests with drugs and booze to increase viewership. Former guests of the TV talk show host have reportedly revealed that when they were guests on his popular daytime show in search of help with their addiction issues, they were given drugs and alcohol before their interviews to make the show more interesting, controversial, and to boost ratings.

Is Dr. Phil headed for major legal trouble?

According to Fox News, a new interview given by former guest and "Survivor" winner Todd Herzog states that a couple of hours before his appearance on the show he was given a Smirnoff vodka and Xanax pills to allegedly "calm his nerves" before the show.

Herzog claims that, prior to the show interview, he was sober for two days but was encouraged by Dr. Phil's staff to consume the booze and drugs to relax him. The appearance aired back in 2013, and videos of Todd's appearance show he was slurring his speech. Herzog even claims he was so out of it that he had to be helped on stage and lifted into his seat.

Dr. Phil show putting guests in danger for ratings?

Herzog accuses Dr. Phil of using his condition to play up the show's dramatic effects, with McGraw telling his audience during the interview that he had never spoken with another guest who appeared to be closer to death than Herzog was during the taping. During the interview, Herzog slurred his words, admitting to Dr.

Phil that he had consumed an entire liter bottle of Smirnoff before coming on stage. He also agreed to perform an on-air breathalyzer test where he registered at three times the legal limit.

Herzog is not the only past guest that has revealed a similar statement. Past guest Marianne Smith revealed she was instructed by Dr. Phil's production team to get heroin for her niece, who was there to discuss getting help with her addiction.

She detailed before her 2012 appearance that someone working on the show gave her detailed instructions to go to Skid Row in downtown L.A. to find the heroin for her niece Jordan.

If these allegations are true, then Phil McGraw could be bombarded by a massive amount of past guests coming forward with the same claims in potentially one of the biggest television scandals of all time.

At this time, Phil McGraw has declined comment on the allegations, however, in today's world of celebrity lawsuits, it is doubtful this will be the end of this matter.

What are your thoughts on the Dr. Phil allegations? Do you believe this could be true?