Kate Gosselin is reportedly going broke. The reality star/author mother of eight may have to sharpen up those nursing skills and get back out into the real world workforce. According to In Touch Weekly reports Gosselin is being forced to tighten up those purse strings because she isn't filming new episodes of "Kate Plus 8" at this time. Is the reality television gravy train coming to an end for Kate?

Will Kate Gosselin be forced to return to nursing?

The celebrity news site reveals that TLC has only aired three episodes of Gosselin's reality show in the past year and money is tight.

It is very expensive taking care of seven children at home, and paying the medical bills for son Collin Gosselin who has been living away from home in a treatment center since August 2016.

As previously reported, Kate Gosselin followers were very vocal on social media after Kate once again posted family photos minus Collin. It has been revealed that Collin Gosselin was once again excluded from the family's holiday fun. The cost to keep Collin in the treatment center for the past 16-months has to be astronomical, that added to spending more than a $150,000 a year on private school tuition for the other seven children is very expensive.

Kate coming for Jon Gosselin

Should Kate be forced back into nursing as a means to support her Large Family it could pose a few major problems for the RN turned celebrity mom.

First off Kate Gosselin has let her nursing license lapse. Secondly, making the move from celebrity reality star to normal working class would be a major transformation for Kate who obviously fell in love with being considered a celebrity.

It would also mean that Jon Gosselin would feel even more pressure from his estranged ex-wife to fork over the current and back child support payments he struggles to make working as an IT admin and nighttime DJ.

The lifestyle change would be major for the entire family who has grown very cozy and accustomed to a certain lifestyle. The lavish vacations, parties, private schools, and the huge house would most surely have to be downsized. If things are as tough for Kate as ITW's "inside source" reveals, then Kate Gosselin is probably wracking her brain for a new book deal, reality or TV gig that she hopes will keep her flush in cash.

Who knows, in the end, Kate Gosselin could wind up following in Kris Jenner's momager footsteps marketing all of her children for some major cash. What are your thoughts, if Kate Gosselin is going broke how will she support her large family?