Jill Duggar’s controversial husband Derick Dillard hasn’t had a very good year. First of all, he was fired from his job on the TLC Reality Television Show “Counting On” after he had made multiple transphobic remarks towards Jazz Jennings. Jennings herself is a transgendered woman who is the star of her own TLC reality television show entitled “I Am Jazz.” Dillard was then accused of trying to scam money out of the Duggar family fans on numerous occasions this year. Well, now Dillard has decided to launch another attack towards the Lgbt Community, and you can continue to read below to find out what he said.

What did Derick Dillard say?

Recently, Dillard decided to go onto his and Jill Duggar’s shared Facebook account to make some transphobic remarks. What he did was share a video of former Breitbart columnist Ben Sharpio having an argument with a transgender woman about the right to call a transgender person the pronoun that they want to be associated with. Not only did the Duggar family member share the video, but he also said that if he accepts transexuals into our society it will damage our society because it changes the definitions of gender. Here is what he said online about accepting transexuals “Our society will be harmed if we compromise what is fact and what isn’t. We can’t change definitions.”

As mentioned above, this is not the first time that this Duggar family member has attacked transexuals online.

He first said the following about fellow TLC star Jazz Jennings: “Transgender" is a myth' as 'gender is not fluid,' but 'ordained by God.” He then reignited the feud earlier this month when he purposely misgendered Jazz by saying online “I pity Jazz, 4 those who take advantage of him in order 2 promote their agenda.” By calling Jennings the wrong pronoun on purpose, it caused TLC to cut ties with him, and they issued a statement saying that their views as a network aren’t the same as Dillard’s.

That resulted in him being kicked off the Duggar family show "Counting On."

Derick Dillard’s other controversies

A few fans of the Duggar family believe that Dillard himself causes nothing but controversy for them. For example, making transphobic comments is not all that Dillard does, as he is constantly begging for money online. The most controversial way that Dillard made money online was when he started a fundraising page for himself the day after Hurricane Harvey hit Houston.