It looks like the mother of the Duggar family has broken one of her precious family rules. The rule in question that she broke was the one where the women of the Duggar family are not allowed to wear pants. Yes, Michelle has now been spotted wearing a Pair Of Pants and maybe this means that Michelle is becoming a bit more open-minded on certain topics. However, maybe the reason she is wearing this pair of pants is because her daughter Jill was photographed wearing a pair of pants herself. You can continue to read below to find out some of the other Duggar family rules.

Why did the Duggar women always wear skirts?

As mentioned above, the Duggar women only used to wear skirts that covered them all the way past their knees. The girls also reportedly wore these long skirts when they went swimming at the beach, or they just ignored the beach altogether because they apparently didn’t want people to stare at them in their swimsuits. They did this because they wanted to remain modest when wearing clothing. However, now that Michelle Duggar can be seen wearing pants some fans are teasing her online about it. For example, some fans posted online as a joke that she was showing too much skin, while a few other fans commented that she was only wearing the pants because Jinger and Jill are wearing them.

Jinger Duggar breaks the family’s rules

Michelle Duggar may have only been recently seen wearing a pair of pants, but Jinger has been wearing pants for quite a long time. For example, Jinger can always be seen wearing a pair of her signature skinny jeans when she is with her family. Wearing jeans is not the first rule Jinger Duggar has broken as she can be seen online in pictures sharing some PDA with her husband Jeremy Vuolo.

However, Jinger’s family rule breaking has allegedly caused some friction in the family, as Jill doesn’t like Jinger’s constant rule breaking.

Many people believe Michelle Duggar confirmed the feud online, as, in her blog she made a post about how envy and jealousy can ruin relationships, and some fans took this as her mother trying to talk to Jinger and Jill about their issues.

You can catch up with the family on their TLC reality television show “Counting On” or you can always follow them on social media. It is also worth mentioning that Jinger's brother-in-law Derick Dillard will not be appearing on the show anymore, as he was kicked off after making transphobic remarks toward fellow reality star Jazz Jennings.