It looks like there could be some drama going on the Roloff family. Everyone knows that Jacob has left the show and isn't on it at all anymore. Radar Online shared that it looks like something might be going on with Jacob Roloff and his brother Jeremy's wife Audrey Roloff because he recently unfollowed her on the social network Instagram.

What is going on with the Roloff family?

Jacob was pretty upset with the family for a while after he left the show. Now, it looks like he might not be getting along with Audrey anymore. Audrey and Jeremy are married and they just had their first little girl.

For some reason, Jacob Roloff has unfollowed Audry on Instagram. Nobody seems to know the reason why, but Jacob didn't unfollow the rest of his family. He still follows his mother Amy, sister Molly, brothers Jeremy and Zach, and Zach’s wife Tori. The fact that he still follows Tori really does make it look like there could be something going on where he doesn't care for Audrey or they don't get along.

Hints that there are more issues

So Jacob has also hinted that there are problems without actually saying it. The thing is he posts pictures of Tori and Zach's son all the time. There little boy and Audrey and Jeremy's daughter are just a few months apart. It looks like Jacob has a favorite for some reason.

Jacob Roloff is usually in the pictures that he is posting, too. It looks like he spends a lot of time with his nephew. Audrey and Jeremy Roloff recently moved closer to the family, so it isn't the fact that they aren't around enough. It has to be nice for Amy and Matt having both grandchildren so close to them.

Jacob Roloff has obviously moved on from his time on "Little People, Big World." He has a girlfriend and doesn't want anything to do with reality television.

It is great to see that he is getting along with his family at least, though. That is great news. Now, everyone just hopes that he will speak out about what is going on with him and Audrey and why he isn't following her anymore.

Are you shocked to hear that Jacob Roloff has unfollowed Audrey Roloff? Do you think it was simply an accident or do you feel like there is more to this story?

Sound off in the comments below on your thoughts, and don't miss "Little People, Big World" when it returns to TLC with new episodes. It has been confirmed that the show will return just not the exact date that it will be back. Fans are going to have to wait a little bit longer to see the Roloff family on television again.