"Days of our Lives" spoilers reveal that a brand new Stefano DiMera will soon be in Salem. That's right, the newest DiMera villain has been revealed, and he's Stefano's secret son. Actor Tyler Christopher will play the role of Stefan Octavius Dimera, or Stefan O. DiMera. The character will first be introduced during Abigail and Chad's New Year's Eve bash, and things will get very intense at the party once Chad and Andre's secret brother makes himself known to the people of Salem.

Say hello to the latest 'DOOL' villain

According to the latest "Days of our Lives" news and spoilers, Stefan will cause a lot of trouble for many Salem citizens.

However, it seems that Chad DiMera will be the character to take the brunt of his new big brother's wrath. It seems that Stefan will come to Salem with a very specific goal in mind. Although not much has been confirmed about Stefan's backstory, "DOOL" fans can expect him to roll into town with the former bad girl, Vivian Alamain. Vivian is well known around Salem for her crazy antics. In the past, she's pulled off some insane schemes, such as stealing Kate Roberts and Victor Kiriakis' embryo and giving birth to their son, Philip Kiriakis. She is also responsible for burying Carly Manning alive and torturing her. Although Carly was saved by Bo Brady, the ordeal was intense and one of the most dramatic storylines the NBC soap opera has ever pulled off.

Stefan to take over DiMera?

Now, Vivian will help usher in Stefan O. DiMera into Salem, and everyone will likely be shocked and stunned to learn that Stefano has another son. In the past, Stefano's secret children would often come out of the woodwork. EJ DiMera, Chad DiMera, Lexi Carver, and others have been revealed to be Stefano's offspring in the past, and although Stefano is now dead and gone, it looks like his bloodline is alive and well, and so is his namesake.

It is currently unclear about what Stefan will have in mind when "Days of our Lives" fans meet him, but it seems that his plan will soon be discovered. He may want to take over Stefano's business and his home, but if that is the case he will also have to battle his brothers, Chad and Andre DiMera, for power in the family.

"Days Of Our Lives" fans can watch all the drama unfold with Stefan, Chad, Andre, Kate, Abigail, and the rest of Salem when the soap opera airs on NBC every weekday afternoon. Viewers should check their local listings for specific times.