Anyone that has watched “The Real Housewives of New York” knows all about Luann de Lesseps and her nonstop corrections of one’s manners and etiquette. She has made it a point to remind all that she held the title of Countess for many years, because of her marriage to Alexandre de Lesseps. Although divorced for almost nine years, Luann continues to brandish her title constantly. Whether it be in her social gatherings, music, or clothing line, the title of Countess is still synonymous with Luann.

Unbecoming behavior of a Countess

Preaching manners and proper behavior, Luann has held others to a much higher degree than her behavior last weekend in Miami.

According to ABC News, Luann was arrested Christmas Eve after entering a hotel room that was not hers.

In was in this hotel room Luann and her companion were found by hotel security and asked to leave. Intoxicated, Luann dismissed the security guard’s request that she leave and locked herself in the bathroom. Her companion made the right choice and left when asked.

Because the "RHONY" star refused to leave the room, police were called. As the officers were removing Luann from the bathroom, she reportedly assaulted one of them and yelled that she “would kill them all” after arriving at the police station.

Will Luann ever learn

I understand we all make mistakes and that we typically learn from them.

However, Luann de Lesseps’ mistakes are on a whole other level. Throughout the years we have seen “The Real Housewives star make mistakes that would surely make any commoner, let alone a Countess, blush.

Luann has had plenty of drunken moments, saying inappropriate things, having one-night stands with married men, and falling down some stairs or into bushes while sporting stilettos.

Now do not get me wrong, these awkward moments make for some great reality television. All these embarrassments have me wondering if Luann will ever learn from her mistakes or continue down a path of self-destruction.

Plenty to say

Rumor is that even though the cameras for the “RHONY” weren’t filming at the time of Luann’s latest debacle, the situation will become part of the storyline in the newest season of the show.

Even though Luann has come forward with apologies for her actions, she still has to face the judicial consequences and the responses of her fellow “The Real Housewives” cast. Knowing how out-spoken these ladies are, their reactions and responses should be worth at least two cents, if not the salary of a Countess.