Boom! It came, we saw, and no, we did not buy a t-shirt. A Meteor flew with fiery intensity over the Midwest and eventually exploded over Michigan at around 8 p.m. on January 16th. In addition to its impressive lighting up the night sky, its sound waves rattled windows and nerves alike.

In the still of the night

The quietness of a Midwestern winter can lull anyone into a slumber, lasting months. However, any chance of slumber this week was rudely interrupted when a meteor roared through the still of the night. At around 8:08 p.m. Tuesday night, the sky lit up and rumbled with such ferociousness it had many Michigan residents wondering if someone had inadvertently hit the big red button and they were under attack.

No blinking

As quick as the seemingly cataclysmic fireball appeared, it burst into oblivion. Shocked by what they had just witnessed, people from numerous states clogged 911 call centers, television stations, and the internet.

While many were questioning the who, what, when, and where of the situation, other residents dismissed the happening and chalked it up to lightning and thunder. Such fools. Luckily, there is a multitude of home security, vehicle dash-cam, and home videos to show anyone in doubt of the short-lived, yet, awe-inspiring display the meteor put forth.

Collision course

The rumor mills instantly had the meteor slamming into Ontario, Canada. However, the National Weather Service announced that it was a Bolide meteor which typically explodes before colliding with our planet.

Although there are potentially zero remnants of the meteor, anyone that is hysterical for the hype about alien boulders, or memorabilia such as t-shirts touting: “I survived the meteor of 2018,” showed up just as quick.

Shake it up

In addition to the 28,000mph fireball hurling across the sky, it was reported that an earthquake of a 2.0 magnitude was felt about 40 miles northeast of Detroit.

The United States Geological Society noted that the tremors were not a result of the meteor and that the quake was being investigated further.

See you next time

According to the National Weather Service, occurrences of a meteor entering our atmosphere and putting on a show are not as uncommon as many would assume. So, for all those who want to observe the power and wonder of our surrounding universes that missed this latest cosmic moment, my advice is to keep an eye on the sky, because you never know what may be waiting to visit you and your neighborhood.