Yes, some Fans of Joy-Anna Duggar think that she has already given birth. The reason why these fans think this is because of a picture that was posted on Instagram of Joy-Anna and her husband, Austin Forsyth. This would not be the first time that there was lots of speculation about Joy-Anna. For example, she and her husband have been accused of having a shotgun wedding. In case you aren’t familiar, a shotgun wedding is when a couple gets married because they got pregnant before marriage and the parents, usually of the pregnant girl, don't want their child married out of wedlock, hence the shotgun, to ensure the wedding will occur.

Anyway, you can continue to read below to find out why people think this Duggar family member has already had her baby.

Why does one photo make some fans think Joy-Anna Duggar has already had her baby?

This photo seems very mysterious to a lot of Duggar fans because the photo is taken only from the chest up. The picture itself is of Joy-Anna and her husband Austin Forsyth flying, a move which some Duggar fans condemned, online, as a dangerous activity to take part in while pregnant. Which is why some people think she is no longer pregnant, a few people believe that Joy-Anna wouldn't want to risk a pregnancy by flying with her husband if she was. None the less, I have put the picture below so you can see for yourself if you think the Duggar family member is still pregnant, or if she has already given birth.

Well, whether or not you think she is still pregnant, it hasn’t stopped Duggar fans from commenting on the photo with their own opinions. For example, one Duggar fan wrote, “ She doesn’t look pregnant here. They are hiding something.” Another commenter then wrote, “I thought you couldn’t fly while pregnant.” Regardless of whether she is currently pregnant or she has already given birth, we can do nothing but pray that her baby is healthy.

What are the other controversies surrounding the Duggar family at the moment?

If you have been following this family for quite some time, then you already know, this family is always in some sort of controversy. One of the latest controversies would be when Jill Duggar’s husband made some rather transphobic remarks towards TLC star Jazz Jennings.

He called her the wrong pronoun on purpose, which led TLC to fire him from the show. They didn’t want their views to be associated with his. After he was kicked off, he then went online to beg for money from his fans so he could finish his education. You can always catch up with the Duggar family on their show, “Counting On,” and you can also follow them on their social media accounts.