It was reported last month that Jill Duggar got an edgy Nose Piercing and now the reason why she got the nose piercing may have just been revealed. Jill’s nose piercing is not the only thing that people have been talking about when her name is brought up. For example, everyone is talking about how her husband Derick Dillard was kicked off the TLC show “Counting On” after he made some transphobic remarks toward transgender TLC star Jazz Jennings. Nonetheless, you can continue to read below to find out why this Duggar got her nose pierced.

Why did Jill Duggar get this nose piercing?

The piercing may not just be for looks, as apparently there are some medical benefits for a woman who gets her left nostril pierced. You see, according to, “nerves from the left nostril are linked with the female reproductive organs.” This could mean that Jill is trying to get pregnant again or maybe she is already pregnant. After all, there have been rumors online about how the Duggar's stomach has been bigger recently, so maybe it is a baby bump. However, some people need to remember that Jill just had baby Samuel not too long ago so obviously she is not going to be in the best physical shape of her life.

Now, if you think that she is pregnant because of a nose piercing, that may be a bit of a stretch.

In my opinion she just wanted to try something new with fashion. It is also worth mentioning that this isn’t the first time that Jill has gone against other members of the Duggar family and their fashion rules. The Duggar family member can now be seen wearing jeans which is something she wasn’t allowed to do as a child, as the girls in the family had to wear skirts that covered them all the way to their knees.

What is Jill Duggar getting up to now?

It is safe to say that Jill Duggar and her husband Derick Dillard are always in the news for all the wrong reasons. For example, a few Duggar fans online criticized Jill’s parenting skills after she let baby Samuel lie on the floor beside her when she was eating her dinner. I personally believe that this is not a big deal at all as it wasn’t like Samuel wasn’t supervised, as Jill was sitting right beside him when she was eating her dinner.

These fans are just looking for any reason to criticize her, as she is an easy target because she and Dillard are always in hot water. Anyway, you can catch up with the Duggar family on their television show “Counting On," and you can follow them on their social media accounts.