The upcoming Marvel's "Avengers Infinity War" trailer has fans and critics alike so excited that they just cannot wait for its release on May 4, 2018. It carries with it the promise of an action-packed sequence like never seen before.

According to New Rocksters, "Infinity war" is an adaptation of the comic series "Infinity Gauntlet" and its sequel mini-series, "Infinity War" and "Infinity Crusade." The comic series centers around Thanos, the mega being who makes a grand entrance to the trailer and squashes Iron man. His plan is to acquire the six infinity stones to become the master of the universe.

The infinity stones explained

Thanos plans to take on the Avengers using the magnificent powers of the six infinity stones in his gauntlet. In the trailer, we see him adding the blue space stone to his gauntlet and the purple-hued power stone from "Guardians of the Galaxy" is already there.

Thanos requires four more infinity stones which include the mind stone that is on Vision's head and the time stone which we see Dr. Strange sporting as an amulet.

The remaining infinity stones are the reality stone which we saw the Collector adding to the museum. According to Watch Mojo, the Collector will appear in the film. The last infinity stone is the soul stone and nobody really knows about its location.

There have been ongoing theories that it has to be in Wakanda and it is what the Black Panther uses to communicate with the panther spirit.

The Black Order villains revealed

Using the comic series as a reference, there are traces of the Black Order team all over the trailer. Apart from Thanos, who is the leader of the group, Proxima Midnight is revealed as well.

She can be spotted throwing a spear at a shadow that turns out to be Captain America.

Someone walks over the dead bodies of what seems like the Asgardian refugees from "Thor Ragnarok." The trailer makes it look like it is Loki, but after deep analysis, it is not. The wardrobe is definitely not Loki's and looking back at the Black Order comic characters, it could be Ebony Maw.

We also see someone trying to take the mind stone from Vison's head. Loke's scepter is the source of Vision's mind stone but it is not the one used to take it from him. A closer look at the design of the scepter suggests it belongs to Corvus Glaive, a Black Order member.

Finally, we see the four-armed beasts in the battle located in Wakanda. The comics depict them as genetically engineered parasite assassins called Outriders. They are telepathic and report to Thanos. Will they also be telepathic in the Avengers Infinity War? We can only wait to see what the Russo brothers have prepared for us.