faith Stowers of "Vanderpump Rules" is speaking out and sharing her thoughts on James Kennedy and Lala Kent. She is not a fan of either one of them and is slamming them calling them "fake." The Hollywood Gossip shared what Faith had to say about Lala and James. If you have been watching this season, then you know that Faith slept with Jax and nobody is happy about it.

What did Faith have to say?

Well first off, there are rumors that Faith only slept with Jax so that she could get back on the show. She did get back on the show and her storyline this time around is a lot bigger one, so if that is the truth, then it worked for her.

Faith is someone that everyone is talking about this season.

Someone on Instagram told Faith that they felt bad for her, but that wasn't the end of the discussion. Faith replied and said, "Lala is upset because she wanted to put this story out there so she doesn’t have my back and has been fake the whole time." The odd thing is Lala wasn't even on the show at all when this Faith and Jax thing went down. She will be back this week, but it isn't like she was even around when it all went down the first couple of weeks.

Faith talks about James Kennedy

This wasn't all that she had to say. Faith also decided to talk about james kennedy, who she used to be friends with, but now she isn't a fan of his at all.

Jax and James have had a lot of drama through the years and almost came to blows with each other before. She made it sound like she thinks that maybe James just worked things out with Jax to stick around on the show and have a better storyline.

She also went on to call Faith and James both fake friends. She said that Lala Kent wanted to reveal all about the storyline to Bravo, but instead, at Scheana Marie's birthday party, it all came out.

That wasn't the way that Lala allegedly wanted it to go down, but it did anyway.

The thing is Faith Stowers got back on "Vanderpump Rules" again once again and the plan worked if she was just trying to get on the show. She did cause a lot of problems between Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright by sleeping with Jax. Tonight, it will come out if they slept with each other more than once or if it was just that one time.

Don't miss new episodes of "Vanderpump Rules" when they air on Monday nights on Bravo. It is obvious that the drama between Faith and everyone else is not even over. Hopefully, everyone can figure out a way to get along for the rest of the season, but it doesn't look that way at all.