Cardi B and Offset’s relationship became public when they were spotted holding hands this past February at the Super Bowl. But Offset, “Bad and Boujee” rapper, allegedly spent time with a woman in his hotel room, according to XXL Mag. The young woman is shown looking at herself in the bathroom mirror, and Offset is said to be the one filming. The rapper claims his ICloud account was hacked.

Offset proposed to Cardi B in October and the couple appears to be happy together. This could be a situation where fame could prove to be a death-blow to the couple's happiness.

Cardi B rose to fame with 'Bodak Yellow." The single rose to number one on the Billboard charts. Monn Scott, showrunner for the Love and Hip Hop reality television, saw something special in Cardi B and cast her for the New Your edition. Cardi B became a fan favorite right away.

People loved her self-deprecating ways and simple charm. All that glitters isn't gold. Cardi B has posted several online videos lamenting the pitfalls of fame.

In the videos, Cardi appears to be really disillusioned with fame and the fake people it brings. She just wants to do her craft and live her life around genuine people. Her fans were ecstatic with the engagement announcement this past October. It appeared that Cardi B had finally found her happiness. Offset proposed in classic fashion by getting down on one knee.

However, unlike most proposals, he did it in front of thousands of people on stage.

Cardi B engagement off?

Musicians have always enjoyed groupies backstage. That is the major perk of being a rock star - random s*xual encounters with star-struck groupies. Most people would be surprised if Offset doesn't have indiscretions on the road.

Being young, rich and famous means temptations are everywhere.The saga is not over yet. Presently there's a web clip of a woman that appears to be Cardi B. Cardi B has always been truthful about her past. She has never shied away from discussing her stripper days. The clip supposedly shows a young lady dancing naked in a hotel room. Cardi B doesn't seem to be bothered by the video leak.

Is Cardi still in love with her Ex?

Remember Tommy? He was Cardi B’s boyfriend on Love and Hip Hop. Tommy has started performing again since he got out of prison. When news broke of Offset's alleged cheating, Cardi B sent him a message. Does she want her ex-boyfriend back? She also started following him on Instagram.

Maybe the “Bodak Yellow” rapper just wanted to make Offset jealous. Tommy doesn’t appear to want to rekindle his relationship with his ex-flame. Neither Cardi B or Offset has responded to the leaked video.