Slimming Tea acts as a laxative forcing fast elimination from your bowels. Food moving quickly through the digestive system does not lower calorie consumption. The result can be dehydration from overuse of laxatives, which can be fatal. Severe stomach cramps can result when taken on an empty stomach.

How slimming teas work

How does weight loss tea work? Several active ingredients are found in slimming tea products to help speed up the weight loss process. The key ingredients in slimming teas accelerate the fat-burning process and stimulate weight loss.

Green tea is popular for short-term weight loss. The high caffeine will give your metabolism a quick boost. You should also know that herbal teas double as laxatives. Yes, faster weight loss can be had from drinking these teas, but it’s only a faster elimination of waste from the body.

The skinny on skinny tea

Detox tea is also another name for slimming teas. Teas that suppress appetite will prevent you from overeating, making it easier to consume fewer calories. This will help you lose weight as well. Green tea activates the part of your nervous system that controls the suppression of your appetite. Small metabolism-boosting properties can be found in green tea, caffeine, capsaicin and hot peppers, but the effect on your caloric burn is minuscule.

The boost in caloric burn happens for a quick period after food digestion and doesn't provide enough of a boost to change your weight. Certain ingredients in herbal slimming teas, such as caffeine, guarana, and bitter orange, do help suppress the appetite.

Prolonged use of any herbal slimming tea that contains green tea, bitter orange and guarana can be harmful to your health.

Studies have linked bitter orange to increased heart rate, high blood pressure and possibly even stroke or heart attack, according to the National Institutes of Health.

You can find some of these slimming teas at your local supermarket. Starvation causes your metabolism to slow down, making it harder to lose weight. If you decide to take any supplements, make sure to talk with your primary care provider.

Celebrity endorsement

Don’t be fooled by the promise of detoxification and weight loss. Social media has been inundated with posts from celebrities like Kylie Jenner and Amber Rose hyping the benefits of detox tea. Celebrities are paid to endorse these brands of tea. There is no evidence to back up the claims made by these skinny tea companies. In a nutshell, tea alone can’t make you lose weight. Dietary supplements are not regulated by the Food and Drug Administration. Their claims don’t have to be proven before they hit the market.