Cardi B has a lot to celebrate now that Season 7 of "Love & Hip-Hop: New York" is done. Cardi already warned fans that she wasn't planning to come back for another season and now it looks like she definitely won't be. Right after the second half of the "LHHNY" Season 7 reunion show aired, it was learned that Cardi earned herself a huge record deal and she's going to be really busy in the coming months.

Cardi B already told fans she wasn't coming back

At the end of Season 6, Cardi said during a radio interview that she only had one more season of "Love & Hip Hop: New York" in her.

Later in the year and after episodes started airing, she doubled down on her decision to make Season 7 her last and said again that she wouldn't be coming back.

That time, Cardi B explained that she's going to be really busy with her music and acting career and just doesn't have a chance to keep turning up the ratchet for reality TV. Many questioned just how busy, though, because Cardi has been making music and touring. Not to mention that her role on "Being Mary Jane" was only one episode.

Did Cardi already know about the record deal?

It looks like maybe Cardi B knew ahead of time that she was really about to blow and she would have to say goodbye to "LHHNY." Just weeks after filming ended and just one day after the last episode of the season aired, it was reported that Cardi signed a major deal with Atlantic Records.

What wasn't reported was exactly how much that record deal is worth. While it has been said that Cardi just got millions richer, we don't know how many millions at this point but it sounds like her label is going to take care of her. So that means even if all Cardi does is make music and tour, she'll still be way too busy for the VH1 reality show that made her famous while she sits and counts her money.

It's great when the exposure from a show like "Love & Hip Hop: New York" actually works out and the reality star catapults to fame in the way that Cardi B was able to do. There are others in her crew like Bianca Bonnie and Mariahlynn who have achieved a level of fame for all of their efforts but nothing like Cardi's rise to fame.