Celina Powell, the 26-year-old Instagram model, made a claim she is pregnant with Offset’s baby. She posted a sonogram on her Instagram account that has since been deleted. Ms. Powell has a checkered past that includes making fake pregnancy claims against other celebrities, Fetty Wap and Chief Keep. Cardi B is letting Offset know she will not tolerate infidelity. At her concert on Thursday night, she made a sly reference to the rumors at the Holiday Hip Hop Festival in Mississippi, “I let a n***a know though. You do that s**t again, you gon’ lose your wife,” said the “Bodak Yellow” rapper.

The quip was a reference to Beyoncé’s song “Don’t Hurt Yourself” from her chart-topping smash Lemonade. Cardi has reason to celebrate her new single “Bartier Cardi” is steadily rising up the charts. Since MigosBad and Boujee” was also scheduled to play on the same bill, there is no question Offset got the message.

Cheating scandal

Rumors of Offset cheating went into high gear when his iCloud account was allegedly hacked, showing a video of a young woman in his hotel room. The couple started dating earlier this year while working on a song. Cardi is proudly showing off her whopping eight-carat diamond engagement ring. The ring is worth a staggering $500,000. The happy couple became engaged last October when Offset proposed to her on stage during Power 99’s Powerhouse Philadelphia show.

Maybe Offset should heed Jay-Z's advice about how to handle celebrity and marriage by listening to the rap legend’s 4:44 album.

Bartier Cardi

The wait is over! "Bartier Cardi " Cardi’s new single dropped on Thursday.

Rap’s new superstar has already claimed her throne but some think she mentions her fiancé Offset too much. Their collaborations have included “MotorSport”, “Lick” and “Um Yeah”. Now we know Cardi B doesn’t care what anyone thinks. In true Cardi fashion, she just continues to ignore her haters. Her Instagram posts are constantly filled with pics or references to her husband-to-be Offset.

Let that woman live! She is young, rich and in love. If she wants to rap about her man, so what! Stay off her social media pages and don’t listen to her music. However, this show of affection is not one-sided, Offset also shows love for his lady on his Instagram page.

In February 2017, Atlantic Records signed Cardi B to her first major label contract. Her success with “Bodak Yellow” made history. She became the fifth female to ever reach number one on Billboard Hot 100. The last female rapper to achieve that feat was Lauryn Hill in 1998. The massive hit stayed on top of the charts for three consecutive weeks. The only other female artist to achieve this feat in 2017 was Taylor Swift for her single "Look What You Made Me Do".