Derick Dillard is officially finished with the TLC Network and the Duggar Family reality series "Counting On." The announcement was made by TLC on Saturday, November 11 via the network's official Twitter page. This news comes as no big surprise to Duggar fans, who follow Dillard on Twitter. Dillard has been digging a path to the exit door at TLC for some time now with his negative comments on social media about Jazz Jennings.

TLC takes a firm stand with Derick Dillard

"Counting On" fans took notice last season, realizing that Jill and Derick Dillard were not on the show as much as before.

Now TLC has revealed why and what the future holds for the Dillards. TLC posted that they wanted to address why Derick Dillard has not been seen on the reality series first hand. The network also wants fans to know that Dillard's views and expressive opinions belong solely to him and do not reflect TLC in any way.

Are the Duggar's days of reality TV coming to an end?

The network also wanted to let fans know that Derick Dillard will not be returning to the TLC reality series "Counting On." The post also gave a huge shout out to Jazz Jennings stating that they are extremely proud of Jazz and will continue to tell her story on TLC.

Derick Dillard will most likely be answering to fans on the social media once again concerning his employment status in the very near future.

As previously reported, Derick became engaged in a major Twitter rant with fans responding that facts needed to be checked claiming, "Funny, I've worked a full-time salaried job/school non-stop for the past 23 years."

We are not quite sure as to just how much Derick Dillard's pay portion of the family's TLC salary was, but we have to imagine after reporting that TLC pays the Duggars between $25,000 to $40,000 per episode no matter what his percentage the missing pay will have to sting a bit.

It is wondered just how Jill and her parents, Jim Bob and Michelle feel about Derick's social media outbursts. It just adds to the long list of family drama that continues to build on a daily basis for the large reality family. It is wondered if the family drama that has been building lately along with the constant changes occurring among family members is the beginning of the end for the Duggar family's long-running stretch in reality television?

Time will tell, but we have to ask, just how much more drama can the Duggar family endure before stepping out of the public eye once and for all? Do you believe TLC made the right move concerning Derick Dillard?