Jill Duggar Dillard is continuing to let her family know that she has decided to make her own path through life minus the strict Duggar Family rules to live by. Not only has Jill changed up her wardrobe from long free-flowing blouses and skirts to tight-fitting tee shirts and jeans and a new nose piercing, she now sports a flowered tattoo on her hand.

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar's disappointment

On December 5 Jill shared a photo of her son after a bath on Instagram, but it was not only her adorable baby she was showing off it was the floral tattoo running from her hand and down her forefinger.

At this time the tattoo looks to be a non-permanent henna design, but many Duggar family fans believe that Jill could be testing the waters before taking the full-on ink plunge.

It could also be just another dig at her large family and parents Michelle and Jim Bob. As previously reported, Jill showed up at Thanksgiving dinner with the Duggar family sporting a new nose piercing.

How will Jill's rebellion affect the family?

Jill Duggar's new rebellious stage has most likely caused quite an uproar within the reality TV family. It really doesn't come as a huge surprise for Duggar fans, who believe this is just the beginning for Jim Bob and Michelle's kids further distancing themselves from the Duggar family's strict rules, values, and beliefs.

There has been chatter that the Duggar children are tired of feeling so different and being left out of the world around them when it comes to courting, fashion, and family beliefs. It is also suggested that Jill is taking a firm stand, against her parents and TLC, for siding against her husband Derick Dillard, and firing him from the family reality series, "Counting On."

Despite the disappointment that her parents are probably feeling about Jill's recent choices and rebellious acts, we have a feeling that Jill is just leading the way for those siblings behind her to begin breaking free.

Fans have already begun noticing changes within the family. Joy-Anna's alleged pre-marital pregnancy, Jinger's attitude, and now Jill, could just be the tip of the iceberg.

It is also a possibility that Derick Dillard's influence has Jill caught between choosing her husband and her family, a choice that, though likely a difficult one for Jill, is also probably necessary.

It is not a secret that Jim Bob and Michelle are not huge fans of Dericks, but to keep Jill within reach of the family they may have to accept the changes, good or bad.

What are your thoughts on Jill Duggar's rebellious changes, is at a phase, or is it a preview of the Duggar family future?