Danny Masterson has been fired from the Netflix hit show "The Ranch" after being accused of rape. Masterson wrapped up his last day of filming on Monday, December 4. The popular streaming network's decision comes just days after one of the women accusing Danny Masterson of rape contacted Netflix exec, Andy Yeatman condemning Netflix for remaining silent matter.

Danny Masterson reveals disappointment with Netflix decision

Netflix made the announcement on Tuesday morning revealing that Masterson had been fired because of the multiple rape accusations.

As previously reported, the former "That 70s Show" star has been accused of four cases of raping fellow members of the Church Of Scientology beginning in 2001. Danny Masterson, 40, was accused of anally raping his unconscious girlfriend. Three years later in 2004, another female came forward claiming that she was raped by Masterson while unconscious at a party.

Masterson to fight rape allegations

Masterson has remained adamant in denying the accusations. At this time the LAPD is running a full-on investigation into the women's claims. Masterson spoke with TMZ following the news of his termination revealing that he was "disappointed" with the network's decision adding that the claims which were investigated more than 15-years ago and were found to be 'without merit."

The actor also reveals that he has "never been charged" or convicted of a crime.

Danny also expressed his thanks to the cast and crew of "The Ranch." Masterson will appear in through the second half of Season 2 (dropping Dec. 15) and in a select few episodes in season 3 before his character of Jamison "Rooster" Bennett is written out.

Netflix's back was against the wall on this matter concerning Danny Masterson considering their decision to immediately fire Kevin Spacey from "House of Cards" after numerous reports of gross sexual misconduct.

A petition began circulating demanding the cancellation of "The Ranch" which gathered nearly 40,000 signatures also played a factor in the Netflix decision to remove Masterson from their network.

As for Masterson, he reveals his understanding of the decision and states that he looks forward to clearing his name "once and for all." Danny Masterson is best known for his roles as Hyde on the hit comedy show "That '70s Show" which aired from 1998-2006.

He began his career at the age of 4 as a child model and was seen in numerous television commercials and small minor movie roles by age 16.

Following his run with "That '70s Show" Danny Masterson made a guest appearance in "White Collar" and co-starred in the TBS comedy "Men at Work" before signing on with "The Ranch" co-star and friend Ashton Kutcher.