Kevin Spacey, who stars as Frank Underwood in the series "House of Card", is currently facing multiple sexual assault allegations. In a statement issued by Netflix to the Hollywood Reporter, the “house of cards” series will no longer include further production that involves Kevin Spacey. It has been reported by Variety that they are considering killing off Spacey’s character in the series and will focus more on his wife Claire (Robin Wright), in the final season. Furthermore, Netflix also announced that they will no longer pursue releasing the film “Gore” which is starred and produced by Spacey

Male actor claimed he was sexually assaulted

The production of "House of Cards" was suspended two days after actor Anthony Rapp accused Spacey of sexual assault.

Rapp revealed that he was only 14 at the time that Spacey assaulted him. A few days after the news broke, Spacey was dropped by his agency and publicist. Rapp, best known for his character in "Star Trek: Discovery" was the first person to come forward with the sexual allegations. In the complaint, he said that he was assaulted by Spacey in 1986 who tried to lie on top of him. The actor knew at that precise moment, that Spacey was trying to get to him sexually.

Another victim also encountered the same horrifying incident with Spacey back in 2008. He alleged that he was smoking weed with Spacey before he passed out unconscious. After he woke up, he found the "House of Cards" actor performing a sexual act on him and he continued, despite telling him to stop.

Before he was could run from the place, Spacey warned him not to tell anyone about what happened.

Eight crew members also claimed sexual misconducts against Spacey

Eight more crew members came forward with the same allegations of sexual harassment on the set of the ongoing series. This report was verified by CNN and said that those eight people felt that working on the set was a nightmare because of fear of being molested.

All of the accusers chose to remain anonymous but disclosed that Spacey’s behavior was well known, especially on the set, which contributed to a difficult work environment.

Netflix and MRC claimed they had no knowledge of the misconduct

Netflix released a statement to Fox News, saying that in conjunction with Media Rights Capital (MRC), they sent a representative to set the day after the allegations broke about Kevin Spacey. They suspended production as of that date. They are not aware of any other incidents involving the actor.