Mal Young, the new head writer for "The Young and the Restless" has done it again, by flipping another script. Just when viewers believed Billy Abbott would be celebrated as a hero, he is back in the doghouse. He saved Reed, Mattie, and Charlie from the fire, by risking his own life. This should have brought him closer to his ex-wife, but now because of his actions, she is forced to terminate his position. Now Vicky must accept an offer from Victor and allow Newman Enterprises to take over Brash and Sassy. Instead of Phyllis being kicked to the curb, and "Villy" reuniting, Billy has once again screwed things up and now he is out of a job.

Everything is changing on 'The Young and the Restless'

For months now Victoria and Billy were working together to save Brash and Sassy, even as Phyllis and Jack plotted to destroy the company. Spoiler alerts from Celeb Dirty Laundry, and Soaps She Knows indicated that "Philly" was on the way out and "Villy" would reunite. Just when it seemed that was about to happen, Mal Young changes everything. Vicky was supposed to have a medical crisis that brought her ex-husband to her bedside declaring his love, but instead, she was poisoned by the face masks, and it is because Billy cut corners to save money.

Ashley figured out that the product had been rushed through production with dangerous ingredients wondering who did it, and now spoilers say Victor's people figured it out.

Now Victoria will side with her father and realize her former spouse has not really changed at all. Viewers probably believed saving the teens from the fire would cause everyone to see Mr. Abbott differently, but his mistake will overshadow his heroics with the cosmetics.

Victor Newman gets his way again

Victor could not have asked for a better outcome in this situation as he now has control of his daughter's business as well as her gratitude.

Billy Boy Abbott is in the doghouse with Victoria and did it all on his own. Spoilers say Jack will be the one who rescues his brother and will forgive him, but that won't make up for the negligence that sent Vicky to the hospital and tanked her company.

Phyllis will be happy because she wanted Brash and Sassy to be destroyed in order to lessen Victoria's hold on her man, so it seems that she is getting what she wanted as well. It seems as if Mal Young is disproving everything that spoilers alerts have suggested regarding storylines on "The Young and the Restless" so viewers must take everything with a grain of salt.