There are certain things that affect programming in the United States, and Thanksgiving is one of them. Because of football and the time of year when families come together, some networks expect that fans won’t tune in to their usual programs. While “Supernatural” and “Arrow” are taking a chance with new episodes, “The Big Bang Theory” isn’t doing the same.

CBS doesn’t want to affect the average ratings for “TBBTseason 11. With that in mind, it’s chosen to postpone the next new episode. Fans will be able to catch a new episode on November 30 instead.

What’s the next ‘The Big Bang Theory’ all about?

The next episode of season 11 is called “The Bitcoin Entanglement.” It’s not that surprising to hear the episode will be all about the cryptocurrency called, Bitcoin. However, it’s not going the way of other shows that have focused on the topic of cryptocurrency. Sheldon is going to play a prank on the group when he learns that he’s been left out of a potential investment.

Meanwhile, a secret about Penny and Leonard’s relationship is going to come out. There’s going to be a video from seven years ago, which would put the timeline around season four. A promo for the episode hasn’t been released yet, so it’s difficult to know what this will actually mean for the couple.

Season 4 was when Penny and Leonard had broken up, although they both still had feelings for each other. Penny hated Raj’s sister Priya, because Priya wanted Leonard to stay away from Penny. It could have ruined the friendship completely, but Penny and Leonard eventually got back together in season 5. Will the video be linked to a time during their breakup or when they got back together?

How many episodes for the year?

It’s also that time of year again when shows start to go on their winter breaks. The likes of, “Chicago Fire,” and “Grey’s Anatomy,” have already aired their midseason finale, so what about “The Big Bang Theory”? The comedy on CBS isn’t going to break until December.

There are three episodes left of 2017, including the new one to air next week.

The last two episodes look focused on Amy and Sheldon’s wedding. The next episode on Dec. 7 will include some wedding planning. Sheldon will choose to look at wedding planning like math to make it easier on himself.

It could also include the birth of Howard and Bernadette’s second child, which was written into the show due to Melissa Rauch’s real pregnancy. Bernadette has been on bed rest for almost the whole season so far and it will be fun to see her back with the group again.

There is no new “The Big Bang Theory” season 11 Thanksgiving week. The show will return the week after with “The Bitcoin Entanglement” at 8/7c on CBS.