It’s possibly a case of the writers running out of ideas, but “Chicago Fire” pushes Casey and Severide’s friendship to breaking point once more. Fans will be used to this, as the two were at war with each other when the show first started and have been ever since. How will it affect the team this time and how will they overcome this blip?

The promo for “Chicago Fire” Season 6, episode 5 shows that this time it may not be something they can solve. However, we all know that isn’t the case with this show. Eventually the two will find a way to mend their friendship, usually with one or both apologizing for the things they’ve said or done.

Casey makes a call Severide doesn’t agree with

As usual, Casey and Severide have different ideas on a call. Now that Casey is captain, he’s the one that can make the final call and makes it very clear that Severide isn’t going to override him on this. We knew when Casey was promoted that “Chicago Fire” would do this sort of thing—putting the two against each other and allow Casey the chance to pull rank—so it happening in this episode really shouldn't be that surprising.

Casey will, as usual, turn to Boden for help to solve the situation. However, the synopsis tells us that he is going to have to figure this out on his own. Will he decide to talk to Severide or is it something that will take a few episodes to fix?

Stella and Hope fight over payroll

With Hope now an employee at the firehouse, things have been difficult for a few of the fire fighters. One in particular is Stella, who isn’t too happy about Hope and Severide being together. When a problem about payroll comes up, Hope is the one to face the anger from Stella. This is likely going to turn into something a little more personal.

Many fans want to see Severide and Stella get back together. Is this going to be the moment for Stella to realize that she still has feelings for her ex-flame?

Brett gets back into dating

If you were hoping for Brett and Antonio to get back together soon in “Chicago Fire,” you will be disappointed with this episode. Brett is looking to date again, but it’s not our favorite detective.

Instead, she will meet a doctor while on a call and that leads to him asking her out. The last date she had didn’t go that well, so how will this one turn out?

Will Antonio eventually see or hear that Brett is dating? Will this help him realize that he actually wants to be with her? There’s hope now that Antonio is back on “P.D.” and no longer has the “new job” excuse, right?

Chicago Fire” season 6 continues on Thursday, Oct. 26 at 10 p.m. on NBC. What do you think about the storyline? Are the writers running out of ideas by constantly putting Casey and Severide against each other?